Does a better graphics card increase VR performance?

Hi everyone. Probably a stupid question, but I searched this question on the internet and it just comes up “how to adjust settings” and stuff like that without answering the question.

So, I have a GTX2080 and an Oculus Rift S and was wondering if I upgrade my Graphics card to like a RTX 3090 or something like that, will it increase my VR performance, o is it just a VR thing? Not quite willing to spend that much money if it doesn’t. Thanks.

Oh yes it will. I have a rtx3090 and coupled with a suitably high performance CPU it`s staggering how high you can go with settings in VR. I use a revrb g2. Remember Balanced machine for top performance.
Heres my specs

Motherboard: Asus Rog Hero x11 wifi Z490
55" curved oled Tv.
CPU: Intel i9-10900K @5.3mhz per core.
GPU: Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3090 turbo
CPU-Cooler: Liquid cooled 240mm
PSU: Kolink 1200watt Platinum
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4/3600mhz
M.2 NVME SSD: 1TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus
M.2 NVME SSD: 1TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus
SSD: NVME Samsung 970 EVO 500GB
5.1 logitech sound system Soundblaster Z.
Next level V3 Motion platform on GT Ultimate rig.
2 Buttkickers on race rig with 300watt earthquake amp.
Sim Racing studio wind and tactile generators.
Saitek Quadrant.
Saitek Multi panel.
Honeycomb Alpha Yoke.
Honeycomb Bravo Throttle controller.
Saitek fuel controller and deicer levers.
Thrustmaster TPR Rudder.
VR. HP Reverb G2

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definitely yes.

I just upgraded from a 1070Ti to a 3090

with the 1070 Ti i got around 25 to 30 FPS on high

with the 3090 im getting pretty stable 45 on ultra now.

Using an Oculus Rift CV1

I have a 3090 and was one of the few people who seemed to be having excellent performance and experience in VR, up til sim update 5 anyway…

Since then I am getting severe pop in and other issues, the sim seems to aggressively target just 6gb VRAM usage so at the moment. So based on current situation, there is no way I would have paid double the price for 24gb VRAM vs 10gb VRAM of a 3080.

Hopefully this will change very soon and it will revert to how it was previously (for me, 8-16gb vram usage and zero nearby LOD pops) or even better, but I am just flagging it to consider.

As all the other friends said it above, it’s a resounding yes.
See the VR as two high resolution screens having to be rendered simultaneously. There, you have your answer.

Yes definitely!!

Off topic but your setup is awesome!

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I hear ya, I was happy with my 3080 too before. Not it’s all screwed atm, especially the shimmering is doing my head in.

Thankyou for your kind remark., a pensioner who doesnt spend his pension down the pub but instead on this great hobby. I am an ex pilot so it helps keep me in the loop so to speak. I often wish the naysayers could have a turn on my rig to see just how good it can be when its working right. Not had a lot of problems myself though I must say.

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Another hotfix for next week coming, and they said the popup problem amongst others will be addessed then. Good grief, are Asobo finally listening to the community.

The way I read the announcement, the popup stuff will be addressed with WU6 on 24 August. The hotfix is supposed to deal with other issues. But I’d be happy if you were right… :wink:

WOW!!! Yeah Sick rig!! Nice

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Wow that is strange!

Yeah nice so it seems worth it then.

Thanks for the replies everyone. So I think I shall upgrade to a RTX 3090. But I might hold off for a few weeks to see how this “fix goes”. So can I ask a favour? with those with the issues with the RTX3090’s let me know if this updste fixes their issues? Definitely will consider it now. Thanks again. :smile:

Thankyou for the kind comment. I look at these comments every time I think about how much I`ve spent.
thank goodness the missus likes it all as she says, at least I know where to find you when I need you.

If you get a 3090 as I did, not at scalper prices by the way, You will at least future proof for a while to come. Dont believe the ones who say, wait for a 4000 series GPU. One, theyll be eyewateringly expensive and two, the 3090 is not running at anywhere near it`s potential yet when set up correctly. FYI, I never O\Clock my rig and seem to have few problems.

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Loving this :grin:


And when you Listen to those people and wait for the 4xxx series, they will then tell you to wait for the 5xxx, and so on.
This way you end up never getting an upgrade…


To say I don’t envy you would be a lie! :rofl: