Does anyone have reccamended settings for the thrustmater joystick? Game is super sensitive

Does anyone have some settings for the thrustmaster joystick? I keep trying to get something that works well, but I feel that the stick is always too sensitive on landings. I keep pulling back too hard, or pushing forward too hard.

Never had this problem in any other sim before, but I can’t figure out if I’ve become a poor pilot or if the stick is too sensitive, esp when landing. I’ve ryanaired quite a few landings since new update. But I noticed it was a bit of a problem before the update, but now it’s worse?

Well, there are controller sensitivity options you (used to be able) set in the Controls menu, but the last patch broke that functionality and now the dialog option for that feature is empty and can’t be changed. Before they broke it with this patch, I was running at about -60% sensitivity with a 5% dead zone on my X- and Y-axis.

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What are you using? Joystick, yoke? Brand? You can edit the sensitivity settings in the files.

Just a low-end Thrustmaster T.Flightstick X that I bought a few years ago to play old late 90’s DOS games like the Wing Commander, X-Wing and Tie Fighter series on my gaming laptop. It works surprisingly well for MSFS2020 once I turned down the sensitivity settings. Too bad the latest patch broke the Sensitivity menu.

I had similar issues u can calibrate through windows… in the windows search window type joy.cpl and click properties , it should bring up a calibration window…

Yah I have the thrustmaster hotas x also and the joy.cpl program fixed my issues…

Before I found the sensitivity screen, the game was unplayable. Now I use -70 on my controller, which makes it playable. However I don’t like the fact that the curve is now an exponential that goes all the way up to 90°. You never ever do a sudden 90° turn unless you are suicidal. But this is what this curve does. I wish we could limit the turn to whatever value we want, like 60° for instance. This would allow for more progressive and precise control of the plane.