Does ASOBO understand the magnitude of the problem?

It’s Thursday and still no hot fix… Does ASOBO understand the magnitude of the problem they’ve unleashed with SU3? Because I’m not sure they do.

My flight simulator, and that of a significant number of users, is BRICKED. Doing a pattern circuit around any large airport is akin to a Power Point slideshow. Needless to say, this wasn’t happening before SU3.

I would gladly give up contrails, the OBS functionality, and the multiple bugs introduced in SU3 to have a functional simulator again.

Do something! Roll back everyone to pre-SU3 if you must. Do you understand that a significant number of paying customers have been left without the product they payed for?!

This is beyond frustrating. The clock is ticking, what are you waiting for? Do something!


Yeah, they should roll back until they figure out what the problem is.


I don’t think they do actually. What they’ve acknowledged was the issue of stuttering. A vast number of people are seeing that. They’re getting normal (or slightly lower) frame rates, but with a lot of random stutters and pauses. This seems to be what’s on Asobo’s radar.

Then there’s a subset of us that are sitting either in or close to unplayable territory regardless of our settings (mid teen frame rates and below). We’re the minority. And call me pessimistic, but I don’t think this issue is on their radar at all and has been lumped into the same category as the other issue.

When a fix is released, my guess is it will fix the stutters, but not bring back our tanked frame rates. At least not in the short term.

Console driven IMHO. Got to keep the console kiddies happy.


I will hold judgement until todays development update and Q and A. If the attitude continues to be one of downplaying the issue that will be my clue as to if they realize the seriousness of the issue. The only other way that is my way of trying to convey how serious I think the issue is to me is to stop buying from the marketplace until I can go to 76T and not have issues…Right now I have no idea if I fly someplace whether or not I will be able to complete my flight without issue…

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I would like that Asobo tell us the specifications of the machines used in the Quality Dept. checking updates before launch :rofl:


Can’t have specs for machines that simply don’t exist…


Up in the Seattle area the stuttering is bad now. I flew down to PDX and on ultra/high settings at 4k it was buttery smooth. Not sure I would consider PDX a major airport, but it’s international. Until there is a fix I may just base my operations from PDX.

I’m really starting to think that they’re not flying on the same build the rest of us are, or perhaps not using the same servers.

Devs have their internal builds that will connect to private, staging / dev versions of the cloud services that are likely sitting in their own office on their own LAN / WAN. They don’t have to deal with Internet traffic, nor server load from thousands of others accessing the servers at once.

With the apps I work on at my job, even if I’m running the same build as folks out in the wild, when being run on dev machines, it’s not accessing the same data stores, but rather local dev data stores so we can do all kinds of testing without affecting live data our clients are using. I have to actively deploy said build on a separate server (or change code) in order to test using “live data services” the rest of my client base is.

And often, that right there is the difference between something working just fine (in the dev shop) and being broken out in the wild.

The more I see of their testing and not seeing the problems so many clients in the wild are, the more I’m inclined to believe this is what they’re doing. Or not doing, as the case may be.

Of course, this is me speculating and I have no evidence to back that other than a list of symptoms that seem to point to that as being a potential problem.


“My flight simulator, and that of a significant number of users, is BRICKED”

I do not think that word means what you think it means. In my dictionary: Bricked, adj. won’t turn on; dead.

It may be a slide show for you but for some less discriminating players it may be totally playable.


Everyone having issues should fire up OBS Studio and take videos of their sim and flood YouTube and Twitter with videos of the actual performance.

Enough negative attention will get a response.


That solution only works if it’s picked up by an influencer. Unless you’re an established YouTuber / Twitch streamer / Tweeter with a following, don’t plan on getting too may views or gaining much traction.

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queue this weeks developer update with a single reference to “we’re investigating”


The fact the the frame rate limiter isn’t working since su3 probably isn’t helping fps and stuttering, I am using an external one but it isn’t as smooth as it was with the one in the sim

Sadly I hope you (and I) are wrong - but unfortunately I give it a pretty good chance of being the response…

They are aware and are actively involved in finding a resolution. See this post: [Issue] Performances issues