Does it make a difference setting 2D to Low when using VR?

Before I set the standard 2D settings to LOW and loss my custom config I was wondering if it makes a difference when switching to VR. If 2D is not used at all then I would prefer to leave it as it is. but if the 2D settings are used to do the dual images in my monitor whilst using VR then it may be worth trying.


The dual image in the monitor while in VR is a mirror of the image sent to the headset and should reflect your VR settings. However…

There is something I’ve not understood though. Some of the VR settings must be used at flight load initialization time like texture quality as I don’t see it switching out textures to accommodate VR settings if you were to switch to VR whist in the middle of a desktop flight. Many of the settings though I would expect to work in real-time.

To answer your question, I don’t trust MSFS not loading some of the 2D settings in VR especially if you switch from a desktop flight and do not load in VR from the game menu. So I would keep your desktop settings at a reasonable level, at least the texture settings anyway.

I have to ask, why lower the desktop settings, what are you hoping to gain?

“I have to ask, why lower the desktop settings, what are you hoping to gain?”

I was wondering if it comsunes more resources that could be used in VR, thats all.


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