Does latest NVidia Driver w/ DLSS update supports MSFS 2020?

Does latest NVidia DLSS update supports MSFS 2020? I couldn’t find any list of compatible games.




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It’s the other way around. MSFS has to support DLSS. Which it doesn’t (yet?)


ah! Ok. That makes sense. I hope MSFS may have plans for the same.


MSFS doesn’t support it. It probably will be added along with DX12. At least i hope so. The game already is hard to run for majority of players. People with mid-range gpu’s like 2060 - 3060 range make ~90% of the userbase probably and when they add ray tracing, not having dlss support would be just…not smart.

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The game already is hard to run for majority of players. People with mid-range gpu’s like 2060 - 3060 range make ~90% of the userbase probably and when they add ray tracing, not having dlss support would be just…not smart.

Agree. I have AMD 2700X with 64GB RAM, RTX 3080 and NVMe and still barely get 40fps (4K Ultra).

Now, the moment I popup G1000 panels into separate windows, FPS drops to low 20’s. If I add additional monitor, it drags FPS down to super low.

FS2020 already has it’s own form of DLSS. The developers have said that they have evalutated DLSS and FSR and are currently not planning to integrate either as they don’t provide a significant improvement over the in-game render scaling and temporal AA solution.


Ok, what is DX-12 going to add, yes, DX allows developers access to lower lever of hardward and can implement features based on that, my question is not that it will improve game I am going to hope it will, my question is when is it going to be out and availalbe.

I can tell you, running Windows 11 and MSFS, game seems to be better, and It seems to run couple degrees cooler in GPU. Windows 11 is a streight 64 bit code OS, and any Hardware not fully 64 Bit compliant will/or should not allow it’s installation, mostly processors, but again, believe exception was implemented for a couple of them. It will however run 32 bit programs (Office 2013-and possibly 2019) are 32 bit. Many other software packages out today are also. Is MSFS 32 or 64 bit, does anyone know? and it might not matter. I also do not know if X-Plane XX is, or P3D is. FSX is definately 32 bit - It runs fine on Windows 11, as I fly in it all the time.

You need a CPU upgrade.

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Fps drop in that case is more like a bug/oversight from developers. I believe it’s fixable.

Of these, only FSX is 32 bit.

MSFS is 64 bit, P3D has been 64 bit since P3D V4, X-Plane has a 64 bit version since XP10 and XP11 is 64 bit only.

No it doesn’t. Scaling option has nothing to do with dlss, it simply makes the game run at lower/higher resolution while outputting the image at your monitor’s resolution. Dlss works differently. It renders the game at lower resolution but then upscales it and outputs at the monitor’s resolution.
Enabling dlss won’t reduce the quality much. Running MSFS at 80-70% scaling makes it blurry and not enjoyable.
Besides MSFS can’t have it’s own dlss form, it’s a gpu feature first, not the game’s.

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They are looking into it, but they have not made a decision yet on whether they will implement it or not. It is under the development updates in the snapshots.

Ok, put render scaling back to 100, really was not any appreciable difference since I am using a 1080P monitor. RTX-2070 card, but the monitor is my weak point. Back to question, when is DX 12 coming in anyone has approximate answer please chime here. One rumor was when X-Box version was released, nope that did not happen. Now W11 is hitting street in early October (rumor), so will it come out then? My beta W11 does not have it or it is not working if it does, or it don’t do much if it’s there that I can tell. Thoughts and ideas???

Pretty sure the date for DX12 is listed in the development update, IOW, someday.

DLSS is an nVidia only, and would not be necessarily be linked to DX12 support, other than perhaps DX12 is required before they’d implement it.

If they were to choose to implement it.

I thought I saw another line that they are investigating it. Problem is, as noted, it’s a limited hardware support item, so, I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for it.

Hey thank you for the info. Nice to know that stuff. For me my monitor is limiting factor on how good it looks, Want 4K, but current RTX-2070 might not support it, so paying for more than using. Doing a lot of research on which one to maybe get, everything either out of stock, or backordered till December.

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