Does Microsoft ATR plane cause stuttering?

Almost no stuttering before installing this plane. Now when flying it a get a stutter every 3 secs or so. Anyone else having this?

Are you using Navigraph Simlink ?.

I saw the same stuttering in the same plane as you from few days ago.

If you use that software only uncheck the magenta arrow (to disable your position view on the map) and stuttering will end.

I hope this information will be fine for you.

Hello… I’m not using Navigraph, but after further testing I think the issue was a view config I downloaded, with no views configured it did not stutter. I removed all saved views, and it seems ok again for now?

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Good to hear that you resolved it. :grinning:

Its funny I put all my views back and rebooted several times…now all works!

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Actually yes and no… If I power the PC off and on, I get about 4-5 flights with the ATR, then it will stutter again… Power cycle and all good again. Maybe a memory leak? It’s not perfect for sure.

I find it very heavy on performance compared to most other planes yes. Settings that are smooth, both in VR and 2D, might lag a lot in the ATR.

Roger that

I’ve found it’s too much for my system, after a couple of flights with the ATR my Sim gets really stuttery, then only a power cycle will clean it up.

If I do not use the ATR I’m fine with all other planes. There is definitely something wrong with this plane. Pity… I really like it!