Does Microsoft or its Affiliate Developers Actually Read These Bug Reports?

I haven’t seen this number of errors and bugs since I got Flight Simulator 2020 last summer. Wow, it’s amazing–every aircraft I fly has something that doesn’t work correctly.

I sure hope the developers read these reports. It’s a shame that a program with such high end graphics could suffer so many problems after the last (July 29, 2021) update.

And I hope the errors get fixed. It takes the fun out using the program!

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They definitely read the forums, including the negative posts.

Hi @jsg1951,
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While the developers may read the forum, the official way of providing feedback and submitting of bugs is through Zendesk.

The Bugs & Issues category is for members helping members, however, when bugs do arise and votes are high, these will indeed get pushed up to the team.

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I don’t know, but I’ve heard of different people waiting for days for Microsoft support to call them back and never did. MSFs 2020 is like buying a new car without a warranty ,no support afterward .

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