Does MSFS use nVidia PhysX?

Simple question, see topic title. :wink: I always only install the nVidia driver and never the PhysX part (or any other part for that matter). But I read that enabling PhysX seemed to help with performance a little. Now this may well be a placebo effect… I never heard about MSFS using PhysX. So… hence my question!

Yes interesting question. I also only install the nvidia driver by user defined without the tuning software “experience” and without physx.

Bump. :wink: It’s quite hard to get answers around here with 10 posts being poster per minute and questions ‘disappearing’ in no time…

May I ask why you don’t install it? Just curious because I can’t think of any reason not to.

Because I like to keep my system as clean as possible. :wink: I don’t like junk. And afaik the games I usually play don’t use Physx (currently only ETS/ATS, a pool game and MSFS :wink: ).

i have it and i didnt see any improvment either CPU or GPU

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