Does or will MSFS support 32:9 with 2X 16:9 on the sides?

I currently have a 49 Inch Super Ultra-wide curved display and now thinking about putting two 27-inch curved displays on the side. Here is a link to what is looks like with Xplane11:

I’d rather not have to try this if there is no vertical or horizontal settings to ensure no skewing on the sides. I’m so impressed by this that I would happily play Xplane11 over MSFS.

TrackIR is not for me.

For now, I’m going to assume there MSFS does not support additional screens in the same way Xplane11 does and therefore will most likely look into purchasing Xplane11 in order to try this our for myself. The obvious advantages outweigh the extra gloss of MSFS. To be fair, Xplane looks good enough.

I guess I will just have to own both. Lol If this works, I know which version I will be playing the most.

Righto … I talked myself into it. Thanks guys.

No support yet for multi monitors. I’ve shelved msfs and returned to xplane until msfsf fix:

Multi monitor support
Ability to undock instruments to second screen that saves that configuration
Better ability to configure hardware peripherals

IKR … Just been reading more into Xplane11 and can’t believe how much is missing from MSFS. Despite buying the premium addition and payware since, I am now researching Xplane11 and getting ready to port over. Seems real world pilots even prefer it over MSFS.

So glad I found this out now. The gloss is one thing, but after reading more on the two, I now consider MSFS more like an arcade game with better graphics in need of the most expensive hardware to really take advantage of.

Replay factor instantly won me over as well. I’m sure the fan base and MSFS devs will make promises, but I have heard the same with with star citizen. It really does look as is I am missing out not having tried Xplane11 from the real sim experience.

Agree re xplane, but the graphics on msfs are awesome out of the box. In xplane the flight models are far more realistic, but to be fair to msfs, they haven’t had any quality payWare aircraft developed yet.

I’m not abandoning msfs, just shelving till it’s sorted. It’s nice to have a choice

I hear ya. Hope that changes soon … I will also require the ability for a cockpit display setup that Xplane currently offers. Having both is a good option.

MSFS works across monitors in windowed mode. I’m not sure how wide it will go before it quits but I can spread it across my dual 4K displays if I want to have 10fps.

Thanks for the reply p1nba11er. Spanning across in window mode is not an option as the pixels become stretched and deformed. Sadly Nvidia does not support different resolutions with it’s NVidia Surround. At least not when I am trying to force 7,680 X1080.

I am actually getting between 90 - 125FPS @ 3,840X1080 which is exactly why I stuck with 1080 despite having a system powerful enough to crush 2K on a 16:9 screen.

Now if I could only get Nvidia surround to work. Not going to happen. I will install Xplane but can’t see how that is going to work if I can’t get NVidia to span 7,680 X1080.

Hmmmm - Back to the drawing board.