Does Render Resolution in SteamVR really do anything?

In my small test using a Valve Index, I saw zero difference in visual clarity or performance one way or another. Setting the render scale to 500 yields no change at all from 100 (in the SteamVR app with MSFS scale at 70). I’m only seeing change from the in game render scaler.

Does MSFS not use this area of SteamVR? I’ve locked my frames at 30 through SteamVR so they are talking.

I am using a INDEX, STEAM VR BETA and do not see where render scaling in steam is located. Are you referring to RENDER RESOLUTION under the GENERAL tab? I too have seen NO change in sharpness when I increase the slider to, lets say 200. I posted another question today on this BEFORE I saw this post.

Yes, sorry, I meant to say Render RESOLUTION! It does not have any affect on in game visuals or performance for me at all.

I’m on SteamVR 1.18.7

Me too. It’s hard to get a grip on what does what! If I get great frame rates looking out the cockpit, the plane (Inside and out ) stutters, has artifacts and gives me motion sickness. When I go to external view, the land / buildings etc look good but the plane jumps around.