Does the VR controller support work for anyone?

Rift S here…everything works but the VR menu for me.

It’s a work in progress. Not really worth it at the moment but there is some potential there.

I guess I have to look at it that way. A work in process.
It’s crazy in xplane I have to use the controllers since it is easier.
Here at MSFS I rather use the mouse.
I guess as long as VR is playable in MSFS I can deal with the mouse no problem. I have a yoke and a throttle so no problems with that.

oh yeah, change from legacy to lock can do switch and others now. yes!!! works very well. I thought they only make yoke work before.

The yoke is nearly impossible to control. It’s too fidgety. Please Asobo, create an ergonomic mode like X-PLANE!

Anyone else got issues with pulling and pushing knobs? Like in the A320 going from managed speed to selected and back…? I cannot possibly do that with the VR controllers…

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