Does Zendesk ever get anything fixed?

She’s a pretty small team, my friend. If there is a dedicated ‘team’ working on getting all the airports fixed that would translate into thousands of man hours. Just looking at the number that are missing, there must be a couple year’s work there. Now go through and fix all the bumps and misplaced taxi lights. When you are done there, let’s get you started on proper naming of the taxiways and parking spots. Don’t forget you will need to also do exclusion zones on the approaches. That will likely mean moving some wind towers and transmission towers to the correct geolocations. I would guess we are going to be pretty deep into the 10 year support plan before we get half way through that list.

With no holidays and a 40 hour work week a single coder can only contribute 2080 hours per year. I would hazard somewhere near 100 hours to do one small airport. I remember doing airports for FSX. It took me close to 500 hours to faithfully recreate my local airport. I am not an expert, nor did I do it for a living, but…

How many would need to be in that team to get all the airports fixed in 2000 hours or less?

There are different staff. The Zendesk system supports groups of readers/staffs, and categories, with people responsible for these categories. It is like a mail box. The mail is put, by Zendesk, to people whom it concerns. They subscribed to it. Suppose there’s a group of people responsible for southern Germany and someone reports scenery errors or stutters, near Munich Airport. Some Zendesk readers - from Germany - will have a flag on that region. Put the coords, you’ll be served.

It is slow, because there’s just a gap between pending complaints and a “to-do” list for the team. The gap seems to be some kind of waiting list. They have 1000s of complaints in there. What happens is the team picks things up from the Zendesk list and puts them under investigation, or on a complaints are delegated to certain partners.

When you put a complaint that is inaccurate (“clouds are bad”, “washed out scenery”) it will be ignored. When you put a complaint like “clouds are pixelated”, without screenshot examples, it will be ignored. Say you put something like “borders of clouds too sharp” that becomes more interesting… then it is more focussed and it will get more attention. Same with scenery complaints. Always put coords, exact location… screenshot… or it will be skipped. A complaint that sais “I found spikes in Ecuador near XYZ airport” will not be investigated. Where are these spikes ? near the airport ? visible from the airport ? Without a screenshot with the airport in view, they’d have to locate exactly. Cost more time, so it will be skipped… They handled my Adolphe Bridge complaint relatively quickly (4 months), because a POI was involved (Adolphe Bridge). It was known exactly where the issue was.

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Only 1 out of all the bugs I raised has been fixed (xbox rudders dont work) so ive stopped bothering. All the others were ignored. Not even an acknowledgement or a thank you for finding the bugs.

I get it that Asobo are going after up voted and wish list but surely AI Go arounds (bust in FSX for 30) years deserves some attention because its fundamentally broken? Oh it only got 439 votes and Open up Weather API got 500. I dont care, we dont need a Weather API we need Asobo to deliver on a working platform.

Stop paying for devs to add new features (Jorg recently boasted they have added church models! woop dee doo) and instead direct them to the 20k bugs please.

This was included in my Zendesk request. If this isn’t enough information to go by to formulate a fix, I don’t know what is.

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Perhaps the all out assault on bugs promised for SU8 will finally fix a lot of these long standing issues, many existing since release day. I think the nothing gets fixed unless its been voted on 1000 times mentality needs to stop, this clearly does not work for a lot of annoying bugs or just plain goofs that need to be addressed. Such as the Devil’s Tower problem, or a major US airport that doesn’t have misplaced taxi way lights, it has no taxi way lights, at all. STILL . Asobo needs to assign a small team whose sole function is to correct these types of small mistakes in the SIM until they are fixed, and then they can move those people to other jobs such as working on new World Updates. Just my opinion, of course.

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SU6 looks like they have put some effort forth…

The shortfall isn’t Zendesk’s status system, it is Microsoft’s choice to use inappropriate software for bug reporting.

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Think of it as an Easteregg and consider how lucky you were to have found it :rofl:


Exactly. And for now I have stopped buying anything in the marketplace until Asobo starts fixing the core parts of the sim that are still broken more than a year since this game was released.

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Playing on XBox still have troubles… with Mesolongi:(

And I was at LGMS Mesolongi and for the 5th time NO CHECKED!?!?

Hey cool, something happened, changed! But now I am confused. You can name this airfield however u want but pls tell me how I can continue and finish bushtrip!

Zendesk now going instantly to ‘Solved’ means that additional information can’t be added to the original ticket, even if it was just submitted.

I’ve submitted a ticket where the information wasn’t communicated better, and I figured out a way to do this once I posted it. But I was unable to amend it, other than opening a new ticket. It would be helpful to be able to add more information, or add pictures etc after a ticket has been submitted already.

That’s got me thinking…I wonder if there are any?

Only one that I’m aware of - there’s a balloon floating over Asobo Studio and a smiley face painted on the concrete in their front courtyard.

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