Dolby Access app - Dolby Atmos for (Headphones | home theater) - Active Spatial Sound = On (3D surround sound)

Technically by buying a thx spatial capable Headset you have already paid extra. For example my JBL Bar 9.1 Channel Soundbar System with Surround Speakers and Dolby Atmos costs AUD$1495 and is equivalent to a 5.1 setup. A JBL Bar 5.1 Soundbar With Wireless Subwoofer costs only AUD$995 so I paid an extra AUD$500 to get Dolby Atmos. My JBL soundbar has 9.1 channels (standard 5.1 setup plus 4 upfiring drivers on the front left and right & rear left and right to get 9 channels) but Dolby Atmos is not a surround sound technology as sound does not assigned to one channel instead it is a 3D surround sound technology and sound gets assigned to a position in 3D space. If you have bought a thx spatial capable Headset then you have paid extra for all those multiple drivers in the left and right earcups compared to a normal headset.

One thing I could not work out from my quick research into thx spatial capable Headsets, if the THX Spatial Audio - Surround Sound Application comes free with the purchase of a thx spatial capable Headset or if it has to be purchased separately. Because the THX Spatial Audio - Surround Sound Application is needed to get Spatial Sound working in MSFS if you have a thx spatial capable Headset. The THX Spatial Audio - Surround Sound Application can be used “with analogue 3.5mm headsets, USB and Bluetooth headphones, anyone can upgrade their 5.1, 7.1 or stereo audio experience.” just like the Dolby Access app can but costs AUD$5.17 more than the Dolby Access app coming in at a price of AUD$27.62: THX Spatial Audio - Surround Sound Application.

While the THX Spatial Audio - Surround Sound Application does have a Microsoft Flight Simulator game profile for THX Environmental Mode:

I would still recommend using the Dolby Access app over the THX Spatial Audio - Surround Sound Application as Microsoft Flight Simulator has native (i.e. built-in) Dolby Atmos support:

^ “DOLBY ATMOS MULTI-CH PCM” is displayed on my JBL BAR 9.1 True Wireless Surround with Dolby Atmos soundbar when MSFS is running.

As a side note you can’t purchase an AV receiver with THX Spatial Audio:

While you can get Dolby Atmos audio with any headphones using the Dolby Atmos software, you can also improve the experience by selecting special multi-driver headphones. These multi-driver headphones effectively mimic what you get in a Home Theatre set up by placing audio drivers in the unit:
Dolby Atmos Headphones – Which are the best ones?

My advice is if you have purchased a thx spatial capable Headset is to use it with the Dolby Access app rather than using the THX Spatial Audio - Surround Sound Application.

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I guess my old 2005 Onkyo 7.1 System won’t cut it in today’s world. Sure, aint going out and getting a newer one. This one works. Lately (know I need to use it more) it has not been on enough. But been busy with other stuff. Sick all December with surgery (aint doing that again) and so moving was an issue. Just aint been in mood for noise from system. TV Lately is maybe more than I can take. And sometimes, this game is more than I can take.

First of all this is an excellent and informative post by @skysthelimit707 and I thank him for all of the in-depth step by step instructions!

My old 3.1 soundbar which I’ve been using on my sim PC died the other week so I was in need of some new speakers. It just so happens that we recently got a new Dolby ATMOS soundbar (Samsung Q800C) for our family room TV and it sounds awesome (I had inherited the old soundbar lol). Then I found this post and started to research…

I ended up purchasing an Amazon “Renewed” Dolby ATMOS soundbar on the cheap (Samsung Q700C) and applied the info above and wow what a difference! The sim does support Dolby ATMOS via the Dolby Access app as explained above and this app happens to be FREE for home theater usage (the one time fee is only with the headphones). Things just come alive with the cockpit noises, clicks, whirls, engine noises, ATC voices etc. I even hear new sounds from clicking on various menus I’d never heard/noticed before! :rofl:

The Dolby ATMOS sound benefits even go farther than just with the sim as my soundbar goes into Dolby ATMOS mode once my PC boots up and the Dolby Access app seems to take sound from any app and enhance it for Dolby ATMOS.

So if anyone is interested in enhancing their sim experience, I would recommend looking into Dolby ATMOS 3D sound. Dolby ATMOS speakers can be expensive and not all are created equal and you do need a compatible connection (I use eARC). Amazon sells a lot of Samsung’s soundbars that are renewed at a great discount (and both of mine came in what looked like the original Samsung packaging :+1: lol).

What’s the appeal of a soundbar + woofer over a traditional 5.1/7.1 speaker setup? I get it if its a “I got limited space” situation but anyone I know who owns a soundbar reports issues on a regular basis whether it’s a degraded/delayed signal, poor audio quality or general input issues.

If you are in need of a new headset, several now come with an Atmos headphones licence included. I have a set from Corsair that sound pretty good, but the Atmos website has a list of all the offerings. When I connected the headphones, the Dolby app automatically recognized them so I didn’t have to sign up for anything extra.

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It’s the new Dolby ATMOS 3D sound standard that’s the appeal. My Q800C soundbar has up-firing and side firing speakers along with the other normal forward firing speakers to simulate the 3D effect. As per the article below: “Rather than using static channels, Dolby Atmos uses audio objects which can be placed anywhere in a 3-D space.”

The sound in my case is delivered digitally via HDMI eARC to my soundbar which I believe means my cheap onboard audio HW on my motherboard is bypassed. A high speed 48 Gbps HDMI cable is required to support the higher bandwidth.

Here is a good explanation of Dolby ATMOS.

By any chance would they be the Corsair HS80 RGB?

Yes it is.

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Decided to upgrade my 11 year old gaming headset and ended up buying the HS80. Looked like a great product at a reasonable price.

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Congrats. Just a heads up that the mic is a common complaint in that it’s too quiet even when the setting it maxed out in iCue. It doesn’t bother me because I rarely require voice, but there is a workaround if you find you need it. I’ll have look it up again, but it’s a third party audio/EQ program that can boost the mic and is pretty set and forget. Which is why I’d have to look up the info again; I forgot. Lol

I ended up purchasing the HS80 usb version because they said the mic was a little better so I’m not sure if it has that specific issue. I just received the headset and I’m currently playing around with it. While the usb version was quite a bit cheaper it didn’t come with a dolby atmos license :frowning_face:. I’m currently using the 7 day trial license.

It does sound great and seems comfortable so far.

Oof. I wonder if that’s a new version because I don’t think the wired version was an option when I got mine. Well, I can connect via USB if the battery is dead and for charging, but it is mainly a wireless headset.

Glad you like it, though. If your ear cup fabric wears out or you simply want an upgrade, give these a look. I bought them when my factory cup fabric tore, but I think they are way more comfortable, have been more durable, and isolate the sound more if background noise is an issue.

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Thank-you very much for the link! I’m in Texas so very hot summers and anything for a headset that will help keep things cooler is a winner. Heat considerations was one of the reasons I got rid of my Q3 VR headset.