Don’t know how to feel

How does everyone feel about the game in general. I’m super disappointed in the live weather not working at all. The turbulence that you get in every plane is way over done. For example I flew the 172(150 real world hours) and whenever I hit turbulence or a little plane it would over react way more than in real life. The live bing building seem to make the terrain look like ■■■■ and most buildings do not look right especially when trees are around. The clouds and views are amazing. But is that all that we are getting here? I’m really hoping they do work on some of these issues because if not it’ll be sad to see such a beautiful game to waste.

I’m really let down by the planes. For the GAs, the Garmin systems are just so bare. For the airliners, the avionics are mostly non-functional and VNAV is broken. It really seems like they just made this to look pretty so that the masses would be impressed. However, most simmers will be extremely disappointed.

Agreed on everything you said. I’m used to X-Plane 11 and the depth is just so much more. If it pans out it could be amazing. But right now that’s a big if.

I agree that there’s a lot to improve and fix in the sim, but its potential is breath-taking.

And let’s be honest…X-Plane (and FSX/P3D for that matter) took years and piles of add-ons to be what they are today. So those comparisons seem a bit weak from this point in time, given that MSFS has been out for just a couple of days.

I love it, live weather seems to be working for me but who knows. Once you get past the whole “that building looks wrong” and start flying between airports/ locations it is amazing. I’m not a massive simmer though but have a few hundred hours of PPL flying under my belt.

I’m in the same boat as Mikey. Not a huge simmer, but am a GA private pilot. I’ve found the weather generation to be spot on and the overall experience in the C172 and Diamond DA40 (both of which I fly in real-life) to be quite accurate.

After about £300 worth of addons on top of the game, yeah I’d agree. The base game still has aircraft in from like, X-Plane 6 or something. Especially the Heavies~ (At least last time I played)

The c172 definitely feels realistic but the wind effects on it are very unrealistic.(Sedona challenge) I’m not sure what’s going on with my real weather but no matter how much I try I can’t get anything other than 1 knot winds and clear skies. It was working yesterday and today it took a dice

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I like it. I’m a simmer from the 80’s, so this is standard protocol on an initial release. I am still in awe when looking out the window at the views. It’s absolutely amazing and overwhelming.
Over time I would expect additions to appear, to include fixes from the MS/Asobo team for the aircraft and systems, but for now I am very satisfied with the release.
Hey, only a few days in and we already have liveries for the A320! Looking forward and adding hours to the flight log.