Don't see C172 Steam Gauge in my aircraft list

I seem hopelessly confused about which MSFS Version should support the C172 Steam Gauge.
I purchased the Xbox Series X Deluxe (not Premium Deluxe) version because I “thought” it contained the C172 Steam Gauge version. I saw it checked off on the Deluxe and Premium Deluxe charts of which planes were in what versions.
I sure don’t see it in my airplane list… only the “G1000” version… unless I’m somehow missing it?
Was it maybe in the Deluxe Version at one time but is it no longer? Do I need to download something else? I specifically wanted to start Flying MSFS using the Steam gauge 172 as that is what I earned my Instrument rating way back when… when dinosaurs were roaming the earth.
Any help is appreciated.

Yes, the 172 Steam comes with Deluxe.

Ugh… Thank you… so I’m an embarrassed newbie.
Looked closer.
I didn’t realize the MSFS Upgrade needed to be installed in Content Manager to get all the aircraft content.
Yup… there it is.


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