Double fps when using AMD Super Resolution”

By pure coincidence i found out that , when on apron or runway, press ESC and in the options menu press Restart ( your flight) in the bottom of the screen . After doing this, my FPS went from 45 to 80 :grinning: :grinning:

My PC, Ryzen 5 5600x , 32gb 3200 ddr4, B450 motherboard, Radeon RX6800 16gb with Smart acces memory enabled. Win 11 34 inch ultrawide monitor 2560x1080 , high end graphics, lod 100

P.S, it seems I’m having AMD RADEON SRS ( super resolution) enabled with 60 percent sharpening. With native resolution in MSFS

no Superresolution in the sim yet. it only uses FidelityFX sharpening. The 60% is the sharpening strenght.

I’m using SRS NOT FSR….
SRS is an in driver solution and doesn’t have to be implemented in the game itself.

From the moment MSFS was launched most people where complaining about the lack of performance in fps.
I”m giving a hint how to get better performance and really nobody responded.
I”m not kidding , not trying to pull a joke here.

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yes msfs sometimes gives inconsistent performance. For me it is very noticeable because full of stutters in VR; I then restart the flight and perf is back at normal. Sort of a bug that happens sometimes

I first started the AMD SRS option in the Catalyst software, started MSFS, lowering the resolution, started a flight, nothing happened . ( no gain in fps )
Closed MSFS, went back to AMD SRS to put the slider to performance mode, (put mouse cursor on the “enabled” section and double click, a new option appears) Restarted MSFS to put the sim back in to my native resolution , started a flight on a runway, the pressed ESC and, in the options menu pressed restart in the bottom of the screen and……. Double FPS, no degradation in image quality…
Don’t ask me how this is possible, but i’m very happy with this… :laughing:

You should change “Double fps after restarting flight in options menu” to “Double fps when using AMD Super Resolution”

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What Flight Sim 20 has now AMD super resolution?? Really?

That stuff saved my SteelRising game, after switching on AMD super resolution and some second AMD-related stuff (I don´t know if it was AMD scaling to balanced or AMD sharpening) my FPS went from a stuttering mess no matter what resolution or settings I tried to super-fluent hack and slay gameplay with 1920x1080 :slight_smile:

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Well, honestly, all you are saying here is that you get more FPS when you lower the resolution quiet dramatically. Not that big find, the only advantage of AMD Super Resolution is that the algorithm used to upscale the image is slightly better than the MSFS internal algorithm. Other than that, you should get almost exactly the same FPS by simply turning down resolution scale…

Nope, the strange thing about it is that i’m using the native resolution of my monitor in the settings of MSFS, not a lower res.
Just after my flight started and i’m on the apron i press ESC to go back to the menu and restart my flight i”m getting double fps…really remarkable…

I experience exactly the same thing with SU 10 ! !
I have AMD 5950 +NVidia 3090, so quite powerful system but got very poor FPS. Restarting flight doubled FPS.
Tried it out a few times in different locations and different planes, always same behaviour: poor performance, restart flight → back to good performance.
A bug?

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Thats what i mean… I’m so pleases that finally someone has experienced the same.
This means that there must be a major flaw in the code of MSFS and that it can perform much better.

Ps, it also happened before SU10

Spread the word :ok_hand: :smiley:

The performance is so outstanding that I was able to switch over to DirectX12 and ramp up a few graphics settings one step higher :smiley:

Before SU10 I barely had 10FPS with DirectX12 setting active…

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