Down load issues

Turned on the sim for a quick fly the other night and got told I had to update. I’ve ended up downloading the whole thing from the MS Store, and now when I turn the game on it requests more updates from MS. It has got stuck. I’m running NetLimiter, which seems to help but it still gets stuck on a large file. I can watch netlimiter, and it show the download coming from one IP address. download working However, after some minutes it just kicks back and starts the file again. At this point netlimiter shows all the IP addresses trying to download to me, each one doing a low speed. And that’s it, that’s as far as I get. I’ve been through all the help I can find on here, but to no avail. Deleting the file, changing to run as administrator, etc etc. Three days so far. Fail fail, fail. All it does is download data but no files. I did note that if you tel MSFA to pause download it carries on downlaoding in Netlimiter!

What is it saying in the game? If it’s trying to download the same file find it on your computer and manually delete it.

Edit: I see you mentioned deleting the file… Data but no file. What does that mean? Does the update in game get stuck on a certain file name?

Lots and lots of data comes to me but no files appear on the PC. Specifically fs-base-0.1.61.fspackage.001 continually downloads, resets, and starts all over again.

What does the game say? Nothing, I can’t use it apart from “Welcome, Set your experience”, and the “Installation Manager”.

This is now day 4 of a very bad experience.

It was good when it worked, but now it doesn’t, the delete button is calling…

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