Download from MS STORE buy the game from STEAM

Hello guys,first of all i don’t know what topic is this,but i think it’s the installation

So…my friends went to my house and logged in his Microsoft Store and Xbox account because he want to play the fs2020 in my pc…he have the FS2020 Premium Deluxe edition and i download it to my pc with all the world update downloaded “no paid addons” and also with free addons from internet…because it’s his account that connect to my pc…is it possible for me to buy the FS2020 Premium Deluxe from STEAM but i dont’ have to download the game again because i already download it from MS STORE using my friends acc….

** I change to steam because i have plenty steam wallet left,and i want to use it and also i want to have my own game not using my friend’s acc**

No, the signing of the packages is somehow different, so you have to redownload everything. Tried this a few times, but always failed :slight_smile:

how about if i buy the Premium Deluxe edition from Microsoft Store but with another account…is it possible not to download everything again? is there any “already installed?” button

Yes you can do that.

During the first time start, point the folder location to the location where the original installation is. It will check for updates and continue. It is encouraged to select a custom location (like D:\Games\MSFS) for your installation.

thank you so much Pieter…glad u help me out just to make sure i didn’t have redownload everything again.