Download STILL resets again and again and again to 0%

Upon launching the game and being prompted to update (In this case a 33gig update/download), I click the Update button, keeping the default path (I never changed it). The update start downloading but almost immediately resets to 0% after just a few MB.

I have had this issue before and remedied it by installing NetLimiter but this is not a solution, it’s a mitigation and a bad one at that given the that the game has “chosen” to make 500 kbit/s the max DL speed without a reset. Effectively every time I want to download an update, patch or new plane or activity I have to wait hours or even days.

It’s now January 14th 2021(!) and the problem
still persists (presumably for thousands of players). Meanwhile we are getting all kinds of other update patches and contents updates… I would like for Microsoft or Asobo to provide a REAL solution to this issue. I did not buy the game to have to plan every flight session hours or days ahead and I’m sure others feel the same. It’s frankly not right and should be a priority to fix!

Please provide a bug fix or method to resolve this issue once and for all.

Not sure this persists for thousands of players. I’d suggest contacting them via Zendesk as it’s clearly something going on with your specific situation.

If you’re not sure, why are you responding with unfounded conclusions?

If you want to learn more about the prevalence, try and search for “download resets” on the forum and see how many have opened posts.

I have NEVER had this issue with any other app or program and it persists with different routers/connections and two different computers. Asobo needs to fix it.

you got me. Keep posting in forums, though… sure it’ll fix the problem.

I’ll try Zendesk as well though - thanks for that.

Come on, Jeff. What were you thinking? :wink:

I just did a search for “download reset” and the recent posts are very few. Most of them seem to point to internet problems or problems decompressing a default file (like fs-base). Some of them are Steam users, some with user account issues.

If out of over 2 million customers, only a couple of thousand have had this issue, then that points to the problem being on the customer’s end. To further support this, I didn’t find any repeat posters after a new update (a month later).

I hope some of these hints help the OP, because with his attitude, I’m not inclined to try any harder. Sorry you had to bear the brunt of his adolescent tantrum!