Download update system

Never mind I’ll just grin and bear it


Yes, the same here. First about 11 Gb and then had to load 68 Gb additionally. What is going on here?

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Yes it’s frustrating but you could be a bit nicer about it.
Constructive feedback.


Each update has worked just fine for me.


It’s very surprising it went live like this. The problem of reliable and restartable download and patching has been solved so many times, it can’t be that hard to just write an implementation that works better than what they have now.

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For some reason I have never had a down load problem. The latest update installed in about 30 minutes or so. 36Mbs down speed.


The problem is the speed it downloads the game and updates. Data caps are not a thing these days in a modern world so data is free. But MS should upgrade the servers. Download speeds are ridiculously slow sometimes reaching only 80mbps and i’ve seen 200mbps at most. They should just download the whole package and unpack and install after it finishes download. Switch to steam servers too to avoid slow speeds.

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No issues here at all with any download. Once update is released i go straight to the MS Store, download the first part, launch the game and download the rest. Also yesterdays was far faster for me, coming in at 60-75mbps


In contrast: None of the updates so far worked for me. It always seems to work in the Mircosoft Store. But when I restart I always have the wrong version number and the new content is not there. I always had to reinstall completely from the Microsoft Store.

HOWEVER, there’s a way around reinstalling everything! You just have to reinstall the basic game (about 1-2GB). This is only tested with the Microsoft Store version. Don’t know how it works with Steam:

  1. rename the folder where your “Official” and “Community” folders are located before you de-install FS2020. Make a note of where those folders are located. I never use the standard folder and installed in “D:\Flight Simulator” so in my case it’s “D:\Flight Simulator\Community” and “D:\Flight Simulator\Official”. I rename the whole folder to "“D:\Flight Simulator.old”
  2. De-install FS2020
  3. Open MS Store and reinstall FS2020. Then press “Play”.
  4. During startup, FS2020 wants to install additional mandatory content (about 100GB). Just tell FS2020 where it should install it - select the folder you renamed (in my case “D:\Flight Simulator”) and let it install for a minute. Then simply close the program (Alt-F4 and close it with the X in the upper right corner).
  5. move your old folders you renamed in step 1 back to where they are supposed to be.
  6. Restart FS2020. It will again find your old Community and Official folders and start the game normally.
  7. Go to the Content manager and update everything that’s new or missing.


I agree with the “Joke” system…

At each update we have to :

1 - Update via MS Store (for me)
2 - Update again with the launcher
3 - Update packages Ingame

What’s future ? Update again when you want to fly ? :triumph:

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Yes. I believe the re-download happens when you have tons of mods installed or fiddle around with the files. Some people edit their language packs, config files and whatnot and at the current state the software doesn’t seem to have an option to replace single files if it finds out they’re “corrupted” (like Steam’s “verify integrity of game files”).

What I do is just move everything from “Community” into a sub-folder called “dump” and it works just fine. I also don’t edit any files outside of “Community” beforehand.

They even recommend to remove any community content before attempting to update in the patch notes.

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This last update was “only” 11GB. Still a pain on my 3rd-world class 24mbit connection :unamused:
Still, these updates seems quite huge in size, compared with the content, especially considering that terrain data is downloaded in real time?

My install is absolutely standard apart from commercial scenery and three planes in the community folder. And any time I try to move, rename or anything else to the community folder it says I’m not allowed to in my set up.

I stand by my assertion that for me and thousands of others around the world the update and download protocols and delivery are the worst I have encountered in 30 years of computing.

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No issues since begin from installation and updates from mS Store


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Makes me wonder if the issues some of you are having are related to having it installed in a custom folder?

Never had an issue with the download, and let the game install at the proposed location.

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My initial update was 10GB only, basic game, then 4GB for the additional USA files. Not sure why you would get a 68GB download. Unless you had somehow deleted a lot of content before updating.

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Are you a Steam user?

Everything worked fine here. A bit slow but thats probably my network.

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I rarely have an issue but I agree. It is over complicated and way too error prone. Just looking at the KB articles about it shows how awful it is.

Some of the issues appear to be:

  • A dependence on the XBox apps and services. When we first installed the game at least some of these were beta. There were at least three services.
  • Dependency on the Windows Store. That is fine for Windows Store versions but it seems the Windows Store is still required for Steam installs. Probably for security.
  • Asobo are using their own installer, which obviously has to play nice with the services listed above.
  • Every update seems to require updates to the XBox apps an. I only had one install fail and it only worked after I updated some completely (to me) unrelated Windows Store app.
  • The installer system does not check prerequisites or handle the lack thereof gracefully. This is huge and I don’t understand how it can happen in modern software.

I think the biggest issues is the XBox integration coupled with a non-robust (or non-existent) dependency validation.

So for those of us that update “just right” with the expected versions and no system tweaks it mostly works OK. But heck, the game didn’t even check to see if you had enough disk space to download and unpack the data. As a programmer it simply stuns me.

Asobo have done some great work. It is almost like they do the a lot of the hard stuff fairly well but the more tried and true and more common stuff falls in a heap. I expect that isn’t actually true, but it is the way it feels. I have few issues but there is not one patch that hasn’t broken something I use or would like to use.

What can be done about it? Nothing but wait. The whole ecosystem needs to keep getting fixes so that it becomes reliable. It is completely unfeasible to change it to something else for a host of technical and marketing reasons.

I don’t care at all about the awesome new world updates. They are great but I thought we would have a working simulation to enjoy with them. I bought this game to fly. What is a flight simulator that looks great but only has rudimentary flight behavior because of masses of bugs, unimplemented features and some dumbed down features because a non-simmer thought they were unimportant?

It is certainly not something someone that wears the badge “simmer” or “pilot” really appreciates.

Going by the schedule we are at least a year away from anything approaching FSX functionality. There are no words.

■■■■, another novel.


Agreed, they didn’t think this through properly. They should issue patches for bugs as they are fixed, not bundled with system and world updates. Those updates should be able to be downloaded in the background as you’re playing the game, until you are able to complete the download and install thus updates. Mandatory updates shouldn’t lock you out for several hours for some users with slower internet.
MSFS was a niche game for flight sim enthusiasts, but it detracting its own followers, and new potential ones, with how this whole game has been handled and with all the bugs. Latest game reviews are not helping and will hurt revenue. I’ve noticed how many of the FS youtube personalities have gone quiet and not publishing MSFS videos, as they too can’t play and record the game because of how broken flying is.
ASOBO needs to get a handle on the situation quick, and fix a lot of bugs first as a priority, though with how slow they are going, I think the damage is done and becoming apparent. The partnerships don’t seem to be working or mismanaged, and 3rd party developers are delaying projects, as every update to the game, breaks every aircraft in some capacity…