Download Updates Music Irratating

Of what purpose is the non-stop bad music loop? Why has Microsoft Kidnaped my audio for hours?


All your audio are belong to us


Right click your speaker icon on the taskbar > Volume Mixer > Mute / Quieten :slight_smile:


yes, same issue.

I hear ya buddy turned that you know what off !

You can lower the volume for the music in the settings.

Use the audio mixer to mute the game. Yes it’s annoying but you don’t need to listen to it hostage for hours.

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This needs to be disabled or have a checkbox in settings.

We shouldn’t have to go change system audio settings just to avoid it.

Hi everyone. - As others have suggested above, you can use the Windows Audio Mixer to mute MSFS while downloading content. We recently included introduced an up-vote feature so people can show their support for features in the #self-service:wishlist category.

I recommend you go and click the vote button in this category:

You can lower the volume in MSFS, no need to mute your windows audio mixer.