Downloading from China

I wonder if anyone based in China was successful downloading beyond 1%
I’ve been at it now for 2 Hours and yet to pass 100MiB
Somehow I fear this has nothing to do with the bandwidth but more with the Chinese Firewall

I’ve used the. Command “int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal”
I’ve disabled all firewalls etc
tried with and without VPN

Anyone got some ideas?

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I would try with a different VPN provider and see if it helps.


I think I got it to work.

Downloading between 10 -25mbps

That’s pretty good for China

Here is what I did.

Change your DNS settings to manual

I used the Google public DNS:

After that I restart router and PC not sure if that’s even required.

Then I used Astril VPN ( Los Angeles Supercharged 2)

Use command promp in admin and type in: “int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal”

After you done all that open Flight Simulator,

Monitor your download speeds, If it doesn’t start downloading above 1mbps in 10 minutes close the app, I think it might not select a good server for you. I would then start again, could be totally not the case but I feel I got it working now.

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After a slow night speeds are up, 40mbps / 140mbps, if it gets stuck, restart your computer and downloader

VPN and Google/CloudFlare DNS could be blocked in China

Eventually got stuck again for 12 hours on one of the fa base packs I uninstalled the app and redownloaded it from the Microsoft store used the same folder and it continued without a problem, at 70% now 36 hours later