Drag when taxiing while raining

I’m actually writing this to find out if any of you encountered similar problems.

Whenever it rains, taxiing requires much more power.

Now, I realieze I’m flying the FBW A320nx, so the problem might be on the side of the addon. I do not fly many other airgraft, so it’s hard for me to determine correct power levels. Anyway: on a dry taxiway, the A320 will start moving and slowly accelerate to approximately 30 knots on idle power. This seems to correspond well with reality. When it rains, however, it requires N1 of 40% to start moving (which is way higher than you are even allowed to use). Then, when you get to some 25kn (will not go much faster than this) and you remove the power, the aicraft will begin to slow down to an eventual stop. Like there was some… magic resistance that would cause friction or like if the engines sudenly lacked power. (take off, however, does seem to eb far less impacted)

Yep, thank Asobo for that. Their recent improvement to add realism for wet runway friction did exactly the opposite. Maybe a sign error somewhere? :grinning:

I might be a simple mechanical engineer (with PhD almost complete), but it feels like Asobo didnt hire any technical advice team at all. Now dont get me wring, the sim is brilliant, but very little would help to enhance it very much.


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Fenix A320

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When taxiing in the rain, there is additional drag and feels like the brakes are constantly stuck on ever so slightly. This happens regardless of airport, as long as the tarmac is wet due to rain. According to Fenix dev’s it’s a Sim issue.
Anyone else experiencing something similar?

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Taxi in the rain.

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yep.big problem. sucks.

Been noticing this as well. PMDG 737-700, I need 40% N1 just to begin moving, and 30% N1 just to barely maintain a 10kt taxi when it’s raining - this does not seem right at all.

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It definitely isn’t.

How this bug report isn’t blowing up is beyond me…

Was just landing at another rainy airport, got the wet taxi bug.


Does this issue happen on default sim airliners as well?

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I’m not sure. Will have to try.

However, that said, the Fenix developers have mentioned that this is a known sim issue, and that they have, in the past, been able to work around it by having their own drag simulation.
In order to improve fps/performance they have since switched to the MSFS drag system, and thus users are experiencing this with V2B1.

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That sucks. Was never a problem before and totally unrealistic how it’s now unfortunately. Surprised me that there are so few votes for this?

I know, eh. I thought this would explode with votes.

Not noticed it myself but then I just don’t have time to notice things like revs on take off etc normally.

Could someone post here a couple of very short dry/wet comparison videos with the power levels visible to illustrate it for Asobo?

If there is an obvious contradiction of the laws of physics clearly, regardless of votes, for a simulation you would expect them to want to fix it

You can even see how, when the aircraft comes to a halt, that it does the motion as if brakes are applied.

And also, notice the amount of thrust required to get moving, and how long the thrust has to be maintained to accelerate to any sort of reasonable taxi speed. None of this is required on dry taxi ways, runways.

Have you been able to test with the default sim airliners as well ?, if yes could you also post a video as FreedFlyer97231 did with the Fenix ?

I set wing anti ice to on. You still have to give some thrust to your taxi speed (like 20kt for example) but it will maintain that speed this way. Is it realistic…? Ofcourse not but more a way to work around it and you don’t need 40% of trust all the time.

There are two big issues about this which make it a very bad “workaround”:

  1. it throws off your expected fuel burn during taxi. During long taxis you will probably be short of fuel.

  2. it completely throws off the performance take off calculation. At certain airports that have shorter runways the calculated thrust reduction needs to be disregarded and to/ga used instead to make it.

Unacceptable. This bug needs to be fixed asap.

Depends on where people fly. I haven’t seen rain in a week if not longer in live weather.

Your fuel burn will be higher when you need to have 30 to 40% thrust to taxi. WAI is about 22%. Short runways normally aren’t that far away and otherwise you take an extra 100KG extra with you. I turn off WAI on the TO roll so it won’t matter, you have used that amount of fuel and is not a restriction for the TO calculations.

I agree that a fix should have been there already with the last update. I don’t even understand why we always have to wait until a published update. When the fix is there make an interim update, every developer is doing that except for Asobo.

Come to Europe, raining for ages. It’s really a pain with this bug!

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