Dragging aircraft across the map

Touchy topic, particularly for those who believe in ultimate realism!!

Since I do not have much time on my hands (work, baby, etc) to do complete long international flights, this is how I used to do ultra long haul flights in FS2004 / FSX.

  1. Do the entire take-off procedure and reach cruise.
  2. Open the map, drag the aircraft approximately 200 miles from destination
  3. The sim would load me in that location
  4. Do the entire landing procedure.

Is something like this possible in MSFS?
I ask this since I only end up doing smaller flights due to lack of time.
Ofcourse, I dont want to leave my PC running unecessarily while the autopilot flies for hours, so thats not an option.

Just wanted to know if there is any trick to do this similar to how it was in FS2004 / FSX.

Thank you in advance.


I too wish it had the FS9 drag to anywhere feature,don’t think it does.May be possible to put in a flightplan,get to cruise then using dropdown menu choose ‘go to’ option and click approach? ,but never tried it so not sure if it will do it.

Flightshare is a good way to drag your plane anywhere.

You could always slew by pressing Y combined with the VFR map to drag your plane into the position you want or alternatively you can use time compression by pressing R+CTRL then + or - to speed up or slow down time.

Before MSFS and covid I was forever busy and always found this feature handy if I had a pressing engagement and was behind schedule… What I didn’t appreciate was the occasional glich and finding myself halfway across the globe.

There is a “Travel To” function available from the hidden “winged” in sim menu.
If you have an active flight plan in the sim, you can use it.


When I tried this in the past once the plane spawned nothing was set Autopilot wise and it was a pain to get everything set back up again…I assume they have fixed that?

As long as you have an MSFS flight plan it seems to work.
If you use a plan imported directly to the airplane, bypassing the default planner, it may not.
In that case, Guyflyer’s advice will help.

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