Dreamscenery Cessna 170B Missing

Hello all. I am an owner of the Dreamscenery 170B. Been using this plane a lot until yesterday. Turned on MSFS and the plane has vanished! I have checked my installed and uninstalled add ons via the Content mangager and it isn’t there. Flights undertaken in the aircraft do still show in my log book. I also checked the store and the aircraft appears to be no longer for sale. I am quite miffed as I have paid for this plane and it has gone without trace. Are any other members aware of this problem or reasons for its removal? I purchased via Xbox marketplace. Any help gratefully received thanks as would like to fly this plane again.

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If it’s no longer for sale then you should be able to get a refund. You may contact XBOX customer services I suppose, or just look for XBOX refund channel. However, why would the a/c folder be removed by itself for that reason?

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I have never had a purchase removed like this before and find it a very odd situation. It appears that I am also missing the Mscenery Mirage as well and that wasn’t on the marketplace last night. I know one other person who has lost the C170b as well so know I am not alone.

I’d recommend contacting the MSFS ZenDesk to ask for assistance with this, hopefully they should be able to help you :slight_smile:

Is there a list of removed items from the Xbox marketplace?
I’m also missing this aircraft and other purchases, e.g. Switzerland mesh. Why aren’t we told items have been removed? Thief in the night springs to mind.

I’ve seen this with digital purchases made elsewhere. I had purchased some ebooks, for example, that were, apparently, incorrect for my region. When the reseller figured this out, they just disappeared from my collection without any warning, notice and/or refund.

I think what many of us are not doing is reading the fine print on digital goods. In most cases, we are not purchasing anything more than a license to utilize something. We don’t actually purchase the item itself. If something causes the license to be invalid (such as my ebooks being sold in the wrong region), the issuer of the license can simply revoke it.

I’ve not read the fine print, myself, on the Marketplace, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this type of licensing agreement is standard affair.

Anyone even know where we can find the “fine print” to read regarding our Marketplace purchases?

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Not that I’m aware of.

I don’t know, sorry.

My understanding was that when content is removed from the marketplace, people who own it can still see and install it in their content manager. Like the Fly By Wire A32NX that was on the marketplace a long time ago, people still have it in their content manager even now (myself included).

I’m on Xbox and none of the above mentioned missing products are visible in the content manager. I have so many addons it’s easy to lose track sometimes. I’ve only recently started writing purchases down, something I should have done sooner.
If this problem is something likely to continue, my wallet will unfortunately stay closed. This is bad for me and bad for MSFS.


I have lost around £20 worth of products which isn’t as much as others but I am more disappointed that I wasn’t told the products were being removed and the reasons why. I am very wary of making future purchases as it could happen again.


Did you purchase anything from them ever again?

Well, seeing as the ebook store is owned by a well-known computer and smartphone company based in California (you should be able to work out who that is), I’ve bought further books from them, yes. I’ve just been more careful about what I buy from them. If it isn’t some major publication, then I shy away.

It certainly wasn’t my fault, I’d no idea the books were not meant for sale in the USA. It rankled, for sure, to have them vaporized without a word.

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I fully understand. In this case, whom should I shy away from? Dreamscenery or Asobo? I don’t know who is responsible for the removal, or why.
It’s mostly a lack of communication that rankles me.

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2 things:

  1. The Marketplace is Microsoft’s baby. Asobo code the sim, but they don’t call the shots regarding the store. I feel compelled to defend Asobo sometimes.

  2. Again, I’ve not read the fine print, but we accept the terms when we purchase something. At the end of the day, it’s on us, unfortunately. That said, I’ve bought a large number of items from the Marketplace and, with the exception of the DC-6 (which has been well chronicled elsewhere on the forum and was always due to make a return, which it has), I’ve not seen anything I’ve purchased disappear from the Marketplace. I’ve tried pretty hard to do my research on the developers I buy from. I don’t wish to disparage Dreamscenery, but perhaps reaching out to them they might explain what is going on with their products. It’s possible, with some changes, they may return to the MP.

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The strange think is that I am missing one Mscenery aircraft and one Dreamscenery aircraft, yet there are many more products by both developers still on the marketplace. And they only vanished after the latest update. I just hope someone from Microsoft can explain the removal of products to ease my mind a little or at least let me know if they are coming back.

I have emailed Dreamscenery and await a reply.I really hope they explain the situation. Also I have no idea of Mscenery contact details but will try my best to find out.

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@Pacerfan063 @GottaMembah @NixonRedgrave
I’ve referred this thread to the Community Managers for you, hopefully they might be able to shed some light on why this is happening.


Thankyou.Much appreciated.

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Hello @Pacerfan063,

The two products you mentioned have been de-listed from the Marketplace for future purchases, but existing customers should still have access to them via Content Manager. If you’re missing these items, please contact our Customer Support team via Zendesk at the link below.




I had a look this morning and still not showing in content manager. Used the link provided. I appreciate everybodys help in this matter.Thankyou.:grinning: