DreamScenery's Dallas Night Enhanced

Last night I bought and installed DreamScenery’s Dallas Night Enhanced. I’d say it bring many colors of the city skyline to life, is seen from a further distance, and I overall rated it well. My only complaint is, they left out the Reunion Tower (glowing globe) with lights on it.

  1. Was this done purposely (architectural copyright issues)?
  2. Or might they just have failed to include it?
  3. Or am I not understanding what “enhancement” means, and it doesn’t “add buildings”, but merely adds lights to those already there?

I did try to email DreamScenery myself before posting here, but have yet to receive a response.

Yes, the night enhancements only add light sources to roadways and buildings. It doesn’t do any custom modelling at all.

“tgbushman” :: Thank you for your reply. That now makes perfect sense. I guess then what I have to wait for is someone to redo Dallas the city as a scenery pack, that includes the Reunion Tower.