Drone - Attach to next/previous target

Hi All,

I used to be able to attach my drone to other aircraft apart from my own. it’s been a while though because it used to be problematic for me where if I was up close in flight, it would jitter like crazy as if it was an earthquake.

I stopped using it but thought i’d give it another try now that SU5 is out, but I think i’m either doing something wrong, or it’s no longer working.

If I go into Drone mode, and then press CTRL PgUP or CTRL PgDown to follow the previous or next target, it only give me a weird view of another location around the airport, but nowhere near any aircraft. I also only seem to have two views. My original view, and another alternative views.

I think i’m doing something wrong. Can someone shed some light on what options in the Drone Menu I need to choose, and how to actually attach m drone to another aircraft at the airport?

Hi gleff1,

Other than trying RESET VIEW in the Camera Menu I’m not sure why that’s not working to Select Next Target, Here’s a quick tutorial to double check you’re doing everything correctly;

Thanks for that. I’ve actually been doing that, but having no joy. Maybe it’s a but or something.