Drone camera works great - but in Drone mode none of my aircraft controls work

Hi all,

I had a look at some other posts but nothing I found gave me a solution.

I have drone mode working great with the 737 outside - I can move anywhere I want with ease - no issues at all with the drone itself!

The problem I have is when in drone mode, none of the aircraft controls on my MS sidewinder joystick work ā€¦ all of them seem to be deactivate while in drone mode - by that I mean the basic flight controls and throttle control, as an example.

Just to clarify - for drone mode I select the MSFS Camera Icon, then Showcase, then Free Camera then Camera Drone (see attached screenshot).

How can I use Drone mode and also taxi around the airport using throttle and nosewheel actions?

Thank you in advance!


press ā€œCā€ā€¦

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Wow - that worked! Thanks for your quick reply.

What is C actually doing ? Turning off Drone mode ?

yeah, it lets you switch between controlling the aircraft, or the drone. one or the other. :slight_smile:

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Thanks again - all solved! :grinning:

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