Drone flying inside terminal?


I have noticed in some videos on YouTube they have scenes of the drone being flown inside the terminal… more or less a view from inside the terminal looking out the window at the plane with the key way connected and air port going on.

I have not be able to get on the sim to experiment but was wondering can we fly the drone through the buildings to get these views? Or is it only payware airports? Or completely different?

Thanks for any help!!

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Yes you can actually do it, it’s not a mod or a hack or anything, I can do it just fine on Xbox.

Not all airports are like what you’ll see in those videos I’m afraid, it depends on the devs level of detail they’re putting into the airport. Some have high amounts of modelling inside the terminals including some waiting passengers at check in, all the way up to having people and other assets inside the ATC Tower for e.g.
There are other Airports which only have the buildings themselves and are nothing more than hollow shells, there’s nothing inside them. Yes it’s typically 3rd Party Airports that are like this.


You can fly the drone camera anywhere you want. But whether or not you can see the inside terminal, it depends on the airport scenery that you have installed.

Generally, default ai-generated airports are very basic. They only have exterior building, so when you use the drone cam to go inside the you will get empty and invisible view.

But when you use a payware addon where the developers add interior modeling to the terminal, then you can see it.

But even on a payware airport if the developers don’t add any interior terminal model, then you won’t see it either. So it depends.


Wow!! Thank you guys for the replies so quickly! That makes total sense. Do you know if the handcrafted airports that are stock in the sim have any? Or is the best chances with payware addition airports?

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Longreach (home of Qantas) is one that comes to mind. Two of the main buildings have things like check in desks, waiting rooms with chairs and also a couple vending machines plus a baggage carousel but you can’t board the 747, DC3, 707 and Super Constellation that you’ll see as apart of the museum’s displays.

The best bet would be to look carefully through the photos of 3rd party airports and see if they’ll showcase a photo from the inside of a building. Sometimes they outright mention modelled interiors as apart of the descriptions of their product. You’ll be looking for clues more than anything as all airports having varying results if you get my drift.

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As mentioned, can drone fly anywhere you want but allot of payware incldue some internal views of the terminal, the tower, etc…

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As I fly to various “stock” bespoke airports I’ve started to make notes of which airports have modeled interiors. So this is not a complete list but shows some of the airports (including world updates) that you can look inside. As mentioned, many payware airports have more detailed interiors. In particular my favorite payware airports with interiors are EGPH (Edinburgh) and NZNS (Nelson).

Incomplete list of in-game airports with interior:

  • ROKR - Kerama (Japan)
  • RJCK - Kushiro (Japan)
  • EGHC - Land’s End (UK)
  • EDXH - Heligoland (Germany)
  • EDHL – Lübeck (Germany)
  • EKRN - Bornholm (Denmark)
  • ESSA - Stockholm-Arlanda (Sweden)
  • LSZH - Zurich

Many freeware airports have nice interiors too, Check the flightsim mod site, Heres an example (VOMM, India)



It isn’t just drone functions but I also use eyepoint functions to move about the interiors.
This terminal is Drzewiecki Design KDCA.(payware)

First one I thought of, KDCA you can go in and get some coffee. Even has baggage claim buried in there.


Thanks for the list I have tried a lot of airports but not found any yet although it is not a issue for me it is something to play with.

I agree!! It something kinda cool and I was trying to find airports with this feature for screen shots, ect!

It’s actually from the Fly By Wire A320 installer.

They offer an airport with the Asobo hangar placed on it for nice pics.

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I’m not so good with the drone camera but every time I’ve checked somewhere, terminals, towers, other airplanes, etc. they are usually empty.

Some of the YouTube videos make the sim look way more immersive than it is stock.

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Pliotplus bristol interior is amazing


Goofing around with the drone in the DC scenery and KDCA can be a game in itself, especially if you crank up forward speed a bit. Haven’t tried to fly through the metro train running around the terminal though.


That would be really cool actually!:beers:

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