Drop in frames

Anyone else seeing a drop in frames. I’m used to mid 20s on the ground. But seeing 17-19 now, even in the air. Odd thing is I get the same frames in the air or on the ground, clear skies don’t help either.

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I’m not seeing any change at all, 12900+RTX3080ti

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I’m not sure the cause, or if I fully fixed it. I deleted the files in the Apps folder, MSFS installed on another drive, and restarted sim. FPS now up to 28+


i habe the same Thing but in flight my FPS dropping for second from 38 to 12 and 6 it happend often since SU9
I7 7700K
32Gb Ram
RTX 3060TI
before SU 9 a never had this on 1070TI the Update and mx GPU Upgrade was on same Time.

All this with Quest 2

Ist there any solution?

Only the one I described. MY FS2020 is actually in my E drive. But it still had the same folders with settings and such under C:user/apps/local or roaming/microsoft flight simulator folder. It will recreate it.

Delete it if your FS is on a different drive. Otherwise you have to hunt down the folder with settings and hope.

Hey, ok, thats true my MSFS is also in another drive than the System, Which folders are the one i that i have to delete?

the one in the C:/ user/ appsdata. Roaming i think it was. Delete the whole thing. microsoft flight simulator folder that is.

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