Drzewiecki DC Scenery bad overlap

I’m trying to find out if I’m the problem, or the scenery is, but I’ve got awful overlap between the default scenery in DC and the Drzewiecki one. I noticed it bad on the White House and Capital, though I’d bet it exists elsewhere, and while I would expect a scenery with “1,500 handcrafted buildings” to include the Supreme Court building, the one I have looks very, very default. FSX default lol…

So, if you’ve got the Dr.Z DC pack, can you go and check? It’s most visible on the side of the White House opposite of the Washington Memorial (where the porch is not curved) as I can see the poles from both the default and add-on.

Thanks for any advice or assistance…

I don’t have that particular scenery pack but it might be a case where, thanks to WU X, you need to go into the Content Manager and delete some specific parts to prevent the issue. The same thing happened with the ORBX Catalina Airport. When WU X added the Gaya-made version, they overlap poorly and give some weird terrain morphing issues. But once the new Gaya airport is removed, the ORBX one is perfect again.

Some people reported problems with DD Washington landmarks after the last United States WU. I haven’t flown in that area for a while and I haven‘t checked their forums lately but I suppose they released an update? At least I hope they did. I have the marketplace version, and so far no update for me. If you bought it someplace else it might be worth checking if you‘re running the latest version.

I have the marketplace version as well, so if any fixes have been issued, I don’t have them yet. Well, I guess WE don’t have them yet.

@LameLefty the addon says it REQUIRES WU X, so I would think that would mean such overlaps don’t happen. That said, other than removing WU X entirely, I have no idea how to selectively remove portions of it. Then again, I’ve been saying that we need a line-item veto for decades now lol…

In the Content Manager, there’s an icon near the top right of the screen that lets you see individual items installed, not just complete packages. If you click that you’ll suddenly see hundreds if not thousands of specific things, not just a couple dozen. You can search though the list and see if you can remove specific buildings from WU X, but I admit I haven’t tried to do that - all I needed to uninstall personally was the Gaya-mada Catalina airport I referred to above.

If you can’t do what I suggest or if it’s just not possible, you could try reaching out to Drziewecki Design directly to ask if they can fix any overlap or morphing issues, or see if they can suggest a fix.

Actually, the update has already been released on the marketplace (mid july). And according to their forums you must have WU2 and WUX installed for best results.

I tried to sign up for their forum, but the required registration email never reached me. I’ve tried twice now. Maybe it’ll show up in a few days or something, who knows. Yes, I did check my spam folder, but I think gmail must grab stuff before it even hits your inbox, else my spam folder would have more than 35 messages in it.

I tried the content manager “trick”, and the options weren’t granular enough to get just the White House and Capital building deleted. Meaning the default, of course. Unfortunately. I’d still like to ask someone with the scenery pack to fly by the White House, pause and break out the drone to see if you’re having the same problem I am. Obviously, if it’s just me, there must be something I can do about it.

I am surprised, though, that Dr. Z wouldn’t make a handmade SCOTUS building, especially when the claim is over 1,500 structures. To me, that one would be pretty high on the list. Or perhaps they did, but the default one is just big enough to completely hide it so I’m not seeing it at all.

Granted, you have to be flying in prohibited airspace to even notice this stuff, but hey- it’s a sim, not real life!


I have both. All of them, actually. Including the marketplace downloads that so many people miss, of course. Thanks, though!

I’m getting the overlapped buildings with the Marketplace version as well. Does anybody know if the Marketplace version has the latest fixes? I wish I could get my money back for all of my Marketplace purchases, so I could repurchase from reliable vendors where I can rely on getting updates as soon as they are released.

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I tried signing up for the Dr. Z forum, but they send an email to confirm your membership, and despite trying several times and of course checking my spam folders, I never got them. So I was unable to ask the same question there, which could certainly shed some light on it.

I’m surprised more people haven’t answered, I can’t be the only person who has that scenery package on top of the current stock scenery with a problem, I suppose unless you and I are the lone ones with bad luck.

Or maybe I’m the only person to fly close enough to the White House to even notice!

I always try to be very careful when flying near those DC landmarks, ESPECIALLY the White House itself, lest I stall and accidentally crash into it. I’d hate to get a knock on the door a few days later from the FBI wondering what my intentions are.

All I want are some awesome screen shots guys, I promise!!!


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Hey Kev, looks like the latest version is in the Marketplace. I pulled a bunch of my add-ons and things started working. Not sure where the conflict is, but you may want to go lean and mean and then start adding things back. If I figure out which add-on is causing the problem, I’ll post back.

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