Drzewiecki Design Just Released Chicago Landmarks

I wanted to just use the drone from KMDW to check out the scenery and I got report of an A/C crash (not CTD - crash) while slewing towards the downtown area for a closer look. Also had weird issues loading the new heliport as my departure where FLY NOW would gray out and it would put me at KMDW when it did load. Something is definitely amiss - I shouldn’t have a crash while using the drone camera from a parked A/C. No problems with FSDT alone prior to this install.

Yep the there is something very wrong here in this scenery add on many others having CTD issues as well. Let the developers know about it.

There is a temporary fix for the CTD issue if you look to where you purchased this. Works good so far .

So no FPS drops with this scenery? I tried the free chicago sceneries just released on nexus and the performance of those are terrible. Had to take them out. But this looks incredible and will purchase if it runs smoothly.

Thanks @JackMartin7440. The fix is temporary as it wipes out the Vertiport Heliport, so they don’t have a permanent fix for this yet. The temporary fix is available here (copied from the Drzewiecki Design forum post discussing this issue):

Please put THIS FILE into drzewieckidesign-chicagolandmarks\scenery\world\scenery (overwrite the original file).


You are welcome! It works flawlessly now for all who have this issue until they update! Cheers :beers:

Maybe 1 or 2 FPS on my end nothing major. It’s worth every penny the scenery is spot on and gorgeous


Fix was already released late this afternoon. New D/L file available (or thru OrbxCentral).

EDIT: I can confirm the scenery works beautifully. Departed FSDT KORD from C30 en route to KDFW and had a beautiful climb out looking east.

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Yeah this is stellar! So glad bought on Orbx too. Imagine waiting for the fix in Marketplace.

What is the new version number?

I’ve stepped away but it’s either 1.1 or 1.01. I think the former.

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What are your specs? FSDT KORD is one of the best payware optimized airports in this sim!

This fix with the replacement bgl file isn’t working for me, still CTD.

It’s a Razer gaming laptop. 10875h (8/16) core, 2080S maxq, 32Gb, 1Tb NVMe.

Render scale 70 out of 4K. settings on High.

Normally I get a very constant 40-50. The only exceptions are CDG, KORD,and Chicago scenery addon. I will get 25, 20, 16 respectively. NYC and LAX will drop to 30.

Edit - I’ve been doing some more testing this AM. For me, it seems like there’s something with the boats in the bay by Navy Pier maybe? I made some more setting tweaks, I can now hold 40+ FPS from FSDT KORD through DD Chicago skyline, but just as I pass the skyline west to east, my FPS drops from 36-40 to 16. If I turn north and come back around north to south over the city, FPS seems good too. Strange.

Downloaded version 1.1 and was still getting CTD’s, then tried replacing the bgl file from here and the scenery wouldn’t even show up in the sim.

I had all kinds of problems getting the Meigs Pro addon to work with this… no buildings, control tower 3x taller. No boats in the harbor…

The freeware version worked fine though. Itried many iterations and combinations of loading the two packages, to no avail.

I finally found a tip at fs developers to check the content.xml file for “priority” issues with scenery files.

I found two old versions of the frewware at the bottom of the file and the pro version listed above the DD entry. I deleted the two freeware entries and moved the payware entry to the bottom, and everything is working and looking fine now with both addons installed.


Anyone getting also such bad performance here? Its really terrible when flying over the town itself.

Chicago with DD buildings and the custom KORD are still the worst for me. But this issue is isolated to a very small part of the city. Right over the boats just south of Navy Pier. I go from 28 FPS to 12. Once I fly past that it’s fine again.

Edit - worse than London or New York.

having issues with performance , massive frame drop when flying over certain buildings.

Same here although it was running good at first install. FPS just tanks when near low over the city. On the other hand Seattle runs way better.
40fps over the city then it suddenly dips for no reason.Check your vram.

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