Drzewiecki Design (KDCA/RJAA) static aircraft

ALL static aircraft that came with these sceneries have disappeared. nothing other than pushback helper in my community file. Anybody know if there is anything I can try to get these aircraft back?

Which store do you get the addon from? At least if you get them from ORBX you can Configure the addon using the ORBX Central app, just click configure and you can either enable or disable the static aircrafts and it will download them for you.

I’m actually glad they put this as a configurable options. Those static aircrafts take valuable parking spots that I’d rather have them populated by my Air Traffic instead.

thanks @Neo4316 I purchased both through the msfs marketplace

Ouuhh… well I can’t help you with that… It’s for this reason why I tend to avoid the marketplace if it’s not exclusive to it, lack of configurable settings.

While @Neo4316 is correct in mentioning that the official marketplace lacks the ability to configure the statics on and off (and that’s a big issue) I think that both airports haven’t yet received the latest update on the marketplace itself.

The update was released on other marketplaces a couple of weeks ago and fixed the problems caused with sim update 5, which included the disappearance of the static aircraft.

To be fair, responsibility here is shared between MS and the developer itself. DD took their sweet time updating the airports, leaving them in partial disrepair for several months on all marketplaces until the latest sim updated fixed jetways. While I understand not wanting to continuously fix things as sim updates change them, many other devs worked things out much more promptly, so that was a bit of a disappointment for me from one of my favorite devs, especially because they continued to churn out new airports in the meanwhile.

They should likely get the update on the marketplace soon, and you’ll get the static back, even if you’ll still miss on the configuration options.

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Yeah, it’s just a bit disappointing that marketplace updates takes much longer compared to the other stores. I updated my RJAA via ORBX a few days ago, and the update adds more than just a configurable static aircraft settings. They also finally fixed the inverted runway assignment where if you select one runway for take off or in your approach, the ATC would actually clear you for a completely different runway at the opposite side of the airport. That was a huge annoyance for me which made me feel like not worth flying into and out of Narita.

But after the latest update, that whole runway assignment thing is now fixed, we also have the jetway issues fixed, and now a configurable setting whether we want the static aircrafts enabled or disabled. And to me this update makes me depart and land to Narita a lot more frequently.

It’s just a shame that the Marketplace takes too long for their updates to come through. I’m still waiting for WIII airport that the developer BinerSim promised to be available on October 28th. That’s 2 weeks ago. And since they’re exclusive to MSFS Marketplace. It takes so long to have them to be available. Even their Xplane 11 version beat them to the punch, and that one was actually developed AFTER the MSFS version of the addon was completed and submitted.

The problem here isn’t just the time it takes for marketplace updates. That’s an additional annoyance for sure, but I wouldn’t call it the main issue in this specific case. The main problem is that the developer waited three months since sim update 5 to update the airports on any platform.

How would you imagine making a SU7-compatible project without SU7 being released? :astonished:
This is just not possible with all due respect. :slight_smile: Jetways were fixed by Asobo indeed after 3 months of waiting but we did not wait, we simply worked on non-jetwayed airports :stuck_out_tongue: