Dual Yokes? (USB...Honeycomb, etc)

Hi there, I’ve been searching forums the last few days, but honestly couldn’t really find an answer to this question…which was surprising. I’m currently building out a simpit, and in the interest of ultra-realsim (and to give my wife/son a chance to fly from the co-pilot seat) I was thinking of installing another Honeycomb alpha yoke. Currently that is what I use in the sim, and so I was just going to pick up another and mount it on the copilot’s side.

I don’t doubt the sim (MSFS) will recognize both yokes, my question lies mainly around whether or not one will override the other. And by that I mean when one is sitting idle (because they will never both be used at the same time) will its idle control override when the other is moved? Does that make sense? I sort of found another post saying something similar when they used two joysticks, but haven’t found anyone’s experience using two actual yokes like Honeycombs.

As always, thanks in advance!

It should recognize the second yoke, similar to how it does with two of the same throttle quads or having a yoke and joystick with same axis/functions.
I use both of these examples, no issues.

Whichever one is physically moved first, will be in use. As soon as the second one is moved, it will be in use.
Because both are mapped the same, with same functions set, I’m guessing you’ll set up like that, be sure there is sufficient dead zones so that no input noise is being generated, by either yoke.
Also, even if you use a button, switch, etc, on the yoke not in use, that one will become the in use yoke. Hands off the not in use.

Neat idea!

Ahh, missed your part about settings same. ie throttle position.
That could be tricky to simulate unless you used a seperate throttle like a shared quad in-between you.

If it doesn’t work you could always achieve it using an external app. Maybe even use a switch to toggle between each one. You have control.

Ok, thanks for this! I get what you’re saying about the one in motion being recognized. This will affect my push to talk button for Vatsim, though. Right now I use one of the white buttons on the yoke for that, but part of this joint cockpit will be the co-pilot handling some ATC communication while the other flies, so having their PTT button being on the yoke it sounds like if they push it it’ll make that the “active yoke” and if I’m in some sort of turn/bank it could cause that to fail while they’re holding the button.

I’ll of course test this all, but I think it’ll work well enough and what doesn’t work I’ll find workarounds. Probably one of the things I will do is just a separate PTT button on both the pilot/copilot side. I am modeling my cockpit (close to) the Citation Longitude, and that’s actually how it is in the real thing anyways.

Thanks for all the help!

For ptt copilot, a keyboard mapping for their use or both of you, would work.

Brunner yokes can be combined via external software (so all movements, both manual input and AP ops are synchronised), but they are quite pricy…

Yep, saw these…little pricey for me hahaha. I’m ok if they aren’t connected or don’t move in unison, just wanted another in the cockpit so that whomever I’m flying with could easily take over and fly if they wanted without using having to switch seats. I just ordered another bravo so I’ll report back and let you all know if they work fine together (as long as only one is being utilized at a time).

You could try DIY link them using like a connected pitch rail and then a connected roll rail, but you’d have to extend the honeycomb yoke shaft. It’s simple but I wouldn’t extend it using plastic (already tried) I had to CNC my yoke extension… I also didn’t extend it that far to add a dual yoke rail system.