Duplicate Airports and Waypoints in the Longitude

I’ve done some searching but i can’t find any discussions about this. Is anyone else seeing duplicate airports and waypoints in the Longitude G5000? Vanilla install here.

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I have this problem in the Caravan & the Cub also :neutral_face:

Another annoyance is that the distance readout on the top of the display does not match the distance to the destination which is shown on the bottom right of the flight plan:

Hope this will be fixed in the September update SU6.

according WorkingTitle (from their discord-channel): it´s a bug in the sim …

Here the reference from the WT - Garmin channel - the screenshots shows the duplicate airport identifier EKVG:


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Richard, thanks for that information. So when i add Navigraph back in will that fix it, or will the problem exist until a fix comes out?

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No, that has nothing todo with the Navigraph navdata - happens with the stock data also. It’s a bug in the sim and we must wait on a fix from ASOBO/MS.

In the data, we don’t have any duplicate waypoints and/or airports.

Hope that helps


I’ve Navigraph - but I see it should not be this - and I confirm that every waypoint I search in G1000 and G3000 (WT) - every airplane - generates a selection between 2 duplicate/identical waypoints indeed.

Don’t remember having noticed this before last SU…

Fixed in the Sim Update 6