Duplicate Binding

Hi All,

Just started with the H145 (before I had the H135) and in the Hype Operations Center you can view un de “View/Modify Key Bindings” the bindings. But on the bottom of that list I get a lot of “Duplicated Bindings”.
Is that because I already used this binding in one of the other controller profiles? I checked a couple ones but were not bind.

Where can I correct this?


Does Hype Performance Group’s software have its own bindings, or are they pulling that information from the sim?

They have predefined functions which are coupled to default msfs binding. These are displayed in the key bindings in hype ops center. Next to that you can define custom bindings.
So in my understanding with duplicate binding is that a msfs binding already had been defined. The thing is that I don’t see the duplicated ones in the other controls. Nevertheless, will investigate this further :man_detective:

Interesting. I guess the question is, what happens if you actually use one of those duplicate bindings in the sim. Does it actually affect you, or are you okay?

Will try but think that as long it doesn’t effect a double function in the H145 it will be ok. I.e. if I use a duplicate which is bind to trim release and gear down function it will be ok.

Topic a little old but I was working on bindings tonight and researched the “duplicate” bindings", and saw on the Hype Discord channel one of the devs said that the “duplicate bindings” are not an issue, they are LEGACY bindings just left there for reference purposes.

I actually bound on of them, and they still sort of work but don’t work like they are supposed to.

So it’s nothing to worry about. I do wish there was an option to edit personal lists and remove them, but apparently they said it’s not possible.