Dx12 - dx11

Good morning,
I have a problem in MSFS, I am in DX12, I am unable to switch back to DX11 when I make the change in the graphics settings of the game. How can I fix this? THANKS !


Just in case you weren’t aware, you have to restart after making the change.

Yes ! You don’t tell me anything, it’s also stipulated by a message but that doesn’t solve the problem, that’s the problem!

I believe you can not change that setting in VR, but only in 2D.

You can change the setting in VR. You just have to go into the pc side settings select DX version and reboot.

It seems to me that you don’t know how to read a text, I never mentioned VR! I’m in PC mode and I can’t switch back to DX11 mode despite having restarted MSFS, I think I was clear enough! No !

He was only trying to help you. Your rather rude reply won’t get you anywhere.

Members are trying to help you. If you continue to be rude back, no one will assist you. Any further replies from you where you are not polite, this topic will close.

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