DX12 Full Ultra on a GTX1080

Pretty awesome if you ask me.

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I thought you meant with everything maxed out, you just mean the preset.

Well, ultra is ultra.

What is your computer setup?

8700k overclocked on the motherboard to 4.5 (a very tame OC), and a stock GTX1080. It is strictly a sim PC, nothing else really on it.

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I’m currently getting outstanding performance with DX12 only when flying less demanding areas.

Some issues I have with ATM
Texture errors.( Result of Overclockimg my GPU memory ouch)
Fenix A320 it lags. That plane run just as bad under DX11.

GA flying I’m able to average 50fps. 3440x1440 monitor. Settings all Ultra except Super Sampling is off and texture resolution high (RTX2060super 8gb) DLSS Quality

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Was about to say that is very tame, push that chip! They easily reach 4.9-5.1 (assuming you are not unlucky with a terrible chip)

Delidded :wink:

My GPU is the bottleneck. I generally run about 20% on the CPU and 95% on the GPU. I don’t plan pm upgrading anything major
because I’m quite happy with what I’m getting. Even a 1080TI is $600.