DX12 memory leak, sim freezes on long haul flight and in main menu

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Brief description of the issue:

The sim freezes after a few hours, and at that point my “Shared GPU memory” (Which is RAM available to the GPU) is full, which should never happen especially since i have 16GB VRAM, which was also almost full.

PC specs and/or peripheral set up:

Intel 11900K, 32GB RAM, RTX4080

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Now i was just sitting in the main menu for about an hour, and it froze again. This time i got the graphics error popup with “DXGI_ERROR_INVALID_CALL (0x887a0001)”.

The shared GPU memory was full again.

It’s a major memory leak.

Here i just started the sim, in the main menu the GPU memory usage is already 6GB

This is after about 5 minutes in the main menu:

Now the Shared GPU memory is filling up after about 20 minutes. This is still in the main menu.

MSFS is now using 17GB of RAM:

The freeze comes as soon as the Shared GPU memory is full.
In a flight it seems to take much longer for this to happen. A couple of hours sometimes in my case.


This is a perfect explanation of the major memory error MSFS has had during more than 1 year. Everyone can now understand the problem easily. Memory was never released properly, nor during flight, nor after returning to main menu after a flight and thanks to your explanation it´s clear also that nor even at main menu itself.


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I don’t think this was an issue with SU13! I have the same problem with SU14B and DX11!