DX12 not a big announcement?

So DX12 is supposed to be releasing with SU7, but I don’t hear Asobo making big announcement or excited about it.

Leads me to believe that dx12 will not be that much of an improvement on release date.

I just hope it provides the sim to be smooth with not a single stutter. This is regarding flying mostly airliners especially the fbw a320.

Don’t want higher graphics or fps, just give me a complete smooth motion, please!!!


It’s a Beta feature, that you can opt in to, and not a complete feature IIRC. There will probably be a bigger announcement when it is completed.

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I do not remember when dx12 itself was that much of an improvement for any game in terms of graphic quality or FPS.


On all the games I’ve played that let you turn on DX12 instead of DX11, I’ve noticed on average about 10% lower GPU usage when FPS is capped, or 10% higher FPS when its not capped. None of the games really stuttered before DX12 so I cant say if it’d help with that. Some people also say it improves load times but I never timed it so I cant say for sure. I’m just worried its going to make the sim more unstable than it already is…

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It may be the same as X Box , DX 12 in DX11 compatibility mode…

Well in P3d it doubled my frame rates and when X Plane went to the equivalent of DX 12 called Vulkan it also doubled my frame rates.

The biggest effect was in VR which doubling the frame rates from 20 to 40 was amazing.

You can search for yourself as it was pretty co9nsistent accro9ss the board for users with good performing PC’s .


Vulkan, not DX-12 improved X-Plane. And for AMD users mostly.

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The devs have said that this DX12 release probably won’t bring much in the way of performance improvements. This is probably building the groundwork for a lot of engine optimization work that will benefit both the PC and Xbox though…


I also said DX12 in P3d improved the frame rates by 2 times.

I never said Vulkan was DX 12 but its certainly a modern Graphics API equivalent to Dx12 and designed for modern graphics callouts and VR.

If you don’t agree then ignore my Vulkan comment! Dx 12 are equivalent modern grpahics API’s but forget that and I refer you back to the actual DX 12 outcome for most users in P3d V5.

The change in DX 12 for users with good performing systems was easy to to see even without measuring frame rates and in VR when you go from 20 to 40 it’s very noticeable.

I have used P3D since version 1 and X Plane since V 9 so I know firsthand.


DX-12 will of cause improve something, for those people who has cards able to support new DX-12 features. But not dramatically. A bit more “eye candy” but not much more FPS. Anyway, let us wait a bit. At least I hope they fix with DX-12 latest (Xboxed) issues with graphic.

Your post is good and informative. I do not have P3D and I am happy DX-12 improved it for better profit of P3D owners. No surprise it improved that old engine. However, MSFS has a new engine. I really do not expect much from DX-12 except this will move the game to better platform and allow to use some new things like RAY tracing and DLSS2 and so on - for me it sounds nothing as I use GTX970:))). And X-Plane 11 did not improve significantly on my system with 2SLI GTX970. By the way I use X-Plane from version 5:))) and MSFSimulators from version 3. I just do not use P3D.

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Absolutely agree with your assessment regarding Vulkan in XP, having been with it since v8 - doubled my FPS in VR. As for P3D, I can’t judge as I quit after v 3.4. Is there also not a differnce in that MSFS is based on the same core as FSX and P3d? At least Vulkan required a complete rewrite from OGL, and XP doesn’t use ‘look-up’ tables, in particular.

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I still use P3d V5.2 as there is way too much missing functionality in MSFS for me to even consider giving it up. However, I am pretty sure that i would have given P3D away if they had not upgraded to Dx12 as it was barely useable in VR prior to Dx12.

P3d did not add the new eye candy at all but it appears the graphics call outs are far more efficient ( requires less work by the CPU) in DX12 so it takes the load off the CPU and this is what gives the lift in frame rates.

It did break a lot of add-ons of which some have never recovered. :disappointed:

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They already said in a Q&A that DX12 will not improve the sim as people think it will (their words, not mine).


The Devs say a lot of things that don’t happen. I guess they have finally learned to under promise and over deliver?


Hopefully they’ll implement it in the same manner as DX10 for FS10, where you could select either DX9 or DX10. But most DX12 games I’ve played perform better with DX12 versus 10 or 11. Playing with a 1070 TI FTW3.

DirectX12 will be in beta public, (Preview DirectX12), there will be graphic option DX12 On/Off, bug expected not forcing people using it if issue, so they added that option in case you can’t use it properly with your setup, the main improvement was stated all reflection on ground, air, fx, there was another thing I forgot, performance was not discussed, I expect DirectX12 will take 6 months or more before it’s done from bug free etc…

For now it’s beta preview DirectX12. They might be increase performance later down the road if they optimize it with DX12, but they stated performance was not improved in previous Q@A, at least not in this Beta DX12.


If history is an indicator, that means that performance WILL be improved :slight_smile:


Don’t expect much from DX12 when it comes to performance

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