DX12 performs better for me (improved?)

I’ve long heard discussions and guides surrounding the problems with DX12, such as this one: [HOW-TO] Graphics Settings and Performance Guide (SU12 Update) (7/26/2023).

However, I’ve been using DX12 for a while without noticing any issue at all, so I did another comparison on my end to test it out. I have an R7-6800H with RX 6600M powering a 4K display. I use TAA at 80% rendering scale. I met none of the criteria on the chart but still, DX12 works better for me. It even uses less VRAM than DX11 while consuming a little more of the total RAM. GPU load and framerates are consistent for me. So this leads to my question: has MS/Asobo silently improved the backend so that DX12 is now superior?


For comparison:

DX12 at cruise altitude

DX12 at low altitude

DX11 at low altitude

The low altitude shots are HDR, which in my case doesn’t cause any performance differences. Again, I noticed how little work my CPU is doing. That is understandable at cruising altitude but I expect it to do more work when closer to the ground.

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DX12 performs better for me since they released that (RX6900XT, VR). I used it from the beginning. Only for a few months now I notice more graphic glitches like steps in runways that can appear pretty suddenly or graphic failures on textures, especially on tarmac on aprons and taxiways. Therefore, I switched back to DX11. I don‘t have the glitches with DX11 but the performance is worse.
From what I‘m reading here in the community it seems to make a difference which GPU you use. Not every setups seems to have the better performance with DX12.

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Personal Comments and Observations

Yep, GPU is a consideration. I’m on ARC 770, and by driver circumstance, it’s better on DX12 than 11. But that’s an externally driven choice. As long as DX12 remains Beta for the sim, there will always be variances that can’t really be baselined until it reaches maturity and wider adoption. In short, like many other tech, YMMV.


Well, for me personally, it’s still a not viable option. It’s using 20% more vram and giving 1/3 less FPS.
But at least it’s not crashing anymore on start-up as it did with su11 when I tested dx12 the last time.

Rtx 3060ti | Ryzen 7 5800x | 32gb RAM

Maybe Int and AMD cards get better performance with DX12? At least that’s the pattern I was seeing.


This stuff is voodoo to me.
Why would something work on one PC but not on another, similar PC?

I’ve been using DX12 for over a year with zero issues.

And my rig is nothing special…

32GB ram
LG 28” wide monitor

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Dx12 needs more VRAM. The AMD cards tend to have more and the Intel A770 has 16GB.

No issues with DX12 on a 4070. It’s a must to run frame generation. The only setting I had to lower was texture resolution.

True it does need more vram, but you can also lower texture resolution setting like medium or high instead of ultra and still enjoy dx12 on lower spec videocards.

On high settings - and in a fast figher jet, my GPU can’t handle the situation and I can get as low as 4-5 fps. This on DX12. Only 8Gb VRAM on my 3060 Ti. (whats the reason now, that 3060 got 12 and the Ti got 8 ?) This is not happening immediately, but (sometimes) after a while. It’s paired with at 5600X.

7950x3D and 4090… but for me dx12 is still bad in 4K. A slide show.

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Just noticed that as well. Around 40 percent for my 5600X on Frankfurt airport, with some clounds and som MP players. Is this because of its using single core? Or is it…the DX (11 in my case) or… Please explain.

So…have they done that?

I guess it depends on where and what you are flying.
Here’s a 4K screenshot I took this morning flying my G36 Improvement Project over England.
2D, not VR. Live Weather, AI Traffic.

5800X3D, 3090 Ti (driver 536.67), TAA, DX12, HDR on, most settings Ultra/High, TLOD = 200, OLOD = 150. Plenty of addons like REX AccuSeason, FS Realistic
Very smooth flight for hours. I flew over London @ 1500 AGL and the worst I saw was 38 FPS. Again, very smooth.

Ditto for me and my setup is identical to yours except I have the 10300 cpu.

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Is a 3060Ti with 8Gb VRAM still not good for DX12 cause of that low vram?

Yes, stay away from card with less VRAM than 20GB, AMD is the best card for MFSFS today since they also have frame generation.

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Frame Generation isn’t officially supported on AMD and I hate the say but Nvidia version is still bette and no you don’t need 20gb of vram for this game. 12gb and 16gb cards are enough. Just lower your textures and Lod settings to high :person_shrugging:

Also anyone who has the $ will go with the 4090. Still looking for one below 2K.

I doesn’t want to lower my settings, why should I when I can use DX11 in full ultra?

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Hi, for me dx12 has drastically improved. Three days ago I switched from dx11 to dx12.
Dx11 ran fine but I still had soms microstutters. With dx12 all microstutters are gone. In the beginning I bought EBBR airport from aerosoft but it was too heavy for my system to run without stutters. With dx12 i reinstalled Aerosoft EBBR and it works flawless now.
I use fenix also wich is a demanding aircraft for the system but even then it works all perfect now.
I use 5800x3d and 4070ti with 32GB ram.
My system never worked as perfect as now.
So for me dx12 is the way to go and to stay.