DX12 very bad performance with multi windows *fixed* (close msi After burner)

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i get smooth 39fps in DX11 with a 3-monitor setup, when i change to DX12, performance drops to ~29 even in the menu and very bad responsiveness, no matter which resolution and graphics settings.
This is the case in SU10 and in SU11 Beta, so even with DLSS3 and frame generation.
I can get up to 170 fps on one monitor in 5k ultrawide but as soon as i even only add one more screen, the performance tanks to ~29fps unplayable stutters. It‘s the case with a 3070 and with a 4090 with or without frame generation

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playing with more than one screen in DX12 mode

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i7-12700k, RTX4090 (and RTX3070), 64gb Ram, Win11

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ever since multi monitor support in DX12 mode

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So the solution here is to disable / close MSI Afterburner.
It’s the only game and mode (DX12) in which After Burner seems to ■■■■ up the performance and it’s probably on the msfs dev side to fix it rather than an AB update.

Is this still the case, or is it safe to install MSI Afterburner again?

I haven‘t tested with the new update, but you can always keep after burner installed and set your oc profile, you just need to close it before starting msfs.