DXDiag 12 beta


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Wenn ich DXDiag anstelle ,dann habe ich ganz miese FPS und Bildruckler. Hat noch wer dieses Problem? Ich weiß ist nur Beta, aber damit habe ich nicht gerechnet.


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If I use DXDiag instead of , then I have very lousy FPS and image stutters. Does anyone else have this problem? I know is only beta, but I didn’t expect that.

The answer is yes. As said many times by the Devs…it’s Beta and NOT performance optimised.


The FPS drop only happens to me when I use the FA/18. Have you tried using other planes and testing them out?

So, are there any advantages with DX12 at the moment? I thought it’s meant to be more performant than DX11. Does it make any sense to use it right now?

For me personally DX12 gives me much better performance, fewer or no stutters, and no CTDs. It took several hours of flying before performance started improving. (Maybe Rolling Cache needed new files? Just a guess.) I am using a 2080ti @ 4k and am seeing FPS much higher than using DX11.

Other posts document lower FPS with DX12. There are too many different graphics settings and hardware making it impossible to determine what works and what doesn’t. YMMV

Thanx for your reply.