(E)GPWS Integration

On the topic of (E)GPWS

The GPWS mode 3 “don’t sink” alert sounds often at incorrect times and weirdly this is the only GPWS mode currently implemented in MSFS.

This mode 3 alert should ONLY be active during take-off and go-around from 50 to 700 ft radio altitude and trigger when the loss in barometric altitude equals 10% of the current radio altitude. (example: 500 ft RA, triggered when 50 ft barometric altitude is lost). It does not arm on approach until below 200 ft.

What about the other GWPS modes? I remember default FSX planes had GPWS, I’m not talking about enhanced GPWS modes as FLTA and PDA alerts as this is pretty complex to integrate, but the basic 6 GPWS modes (7 minus windshear protection) would be nice: