EA Release: Working Title G3X Touch Discussion Thread

I can not find the map menu in the G3X mod. It is in North up and I want to change it to Track up but have tried every button, touch area etc but no map menu. What am I doing wrong? please assist if possible.
Many thanks

There is no Track up option anymore and very little else which would be an inprovement over Asobo’s stock G3X.
That mod is a joke and completely neglected and I don’t understand why it is not pulled by the developers.

Because it’s still awaiting improvements to G1000 NXi standards. And it’s a big step up from the stock G3X inside the sim. Try flying the stock one and you’ll see for yourself.

Agree, it is an improvement over the stock G3X but mainly visuals.

I am a King Air driver and cannot wait for WT dealing with the G3X and if it will only be half as good as WT’s G1000NXi which is first class. Until then my King Air is parked in the hangar and I fly nothing else but the C208B with WT G1000 and the Longitude with the WT G3000.

Sorry, I may have missed something. Pulled from what? Is the G3X mod now in the marketplace with the G1000 mod?

Is this still ongoing? And is it planned to be made available to Xbox store like the NXi ?

Apparently they have no plans to continue with this ATM. I think they are working on other things in partnership with msfs. However as the king air glass cockpit is set up for a Collins proline perhaps they could adapt the citation upgrade for the king air instead?


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Similar to this previous Topic
Topic g3x-pfd-autopilot-cannot-be-activated
Autopilot is unable to be activated through the avionics system. Working Title are no longer supporting their mod for the G3X system. They refer the user to use the Default MSFS G3X. Currently the only way to use AP is via hotkeys. I don’t believe this should be the main method of using an important aircraft system such as AP.

Please add/re-add the autopilot menu to the G3X. This small change would add a lot to current G3X planes, such as the VL3.

see references to this menu here
Garmin G3X Touch Pilots Guide (real life)

They stopped the support because they bringing a complete new true to life G3X (and other Garmin avionics) natively in the sim early next year with the first AAU (Aircraft and Avionics Update), so the mod will be soon obsolete and it makes no sense to put workforce to it …

I understand the reason why Working Title discontinued their work on the avionics system. The purpose of my topic is to highlight the missing AP feature in the current version of the system. Hopefully they can see this topic and work to include this feature in the AAU update later this year.

Regardless, thank you for the info about the next update. Do you have a link to/source for what they will be working on in the AAU update?

No they’re not. At least not at the current time. They’ve implicitly stated the G3X is NOT on their road map. They’ve been tasked by MS to do the G1000, G3000, and GNS 530/430 only. Unless they’ve announced something to the contrary in the last couple of weeks and I’m not aware of it, I consider the G3X pretty much abandoned by all parties at this point in time.

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Could you please post a link for where they stated they won’t be updating the G3X? I’d love to take a look for myself about it =)

It’s in their Discord Channel.


I started a Wishlist for it to be updated:

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@CasualClick beat me to it. I was coming back with a screen shot as well. I just had to find it first.

No G3X updates are planned at this time. And it’s a shame. That’s why I consider the G3X abandoned by all parties until that position changes and is made official via an annoucement by either MS or WT. Until then, consider what we have all we get when it comes to the G3X.

EDIT: BTW, @CasualClick, that wishlist topic has my vote.

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Thank you :slight_smile:
I was asking for where Asobo said they would not be updating G3X. I already know Working Title will not be working on it.

Working Title would be the only team that could enhance it. Asobo reached their limits shortly after the August '20 launch, that’s why Jorg brought Matt and the crew on to fix it all. Strategically I think MS-Asobo made a decision on an ROI - i.e., the G3X is “good enough.” Obviously parts of us in the user community disagree with that. :slight_smile:

That’s what leads me to believe that at some point, the King Air 350i has to be an Aircraft & Avionics Update recipient. There’s just no way they’re going to let the KA linger in the unrealistic configuration it’s in. But that does mean Asobo will have to unlock or redo the interior cockpit model. It’s just improperly configured today to even take an STC G3000, never mind the ProLine 21 that it should be.

Latest Dev Q&A:

Just caught up with this thread this morning. Setup here is Windows 11, MSFS Windows Store version , GotGravel Vertigo, SU11 beta with AAU1. I also own the HJet and VisionJet from FlightFX and have a premium license to the PMS50 GTN 750 product. After recent MSFS updates, the autopilot controls in the Vertigo no longer came up. So, I reinstalled the WT G3X add-on even though WT calls them obsolete. That restored the autopilot control panel functionality in the Vertigo but, after reading your comments, I am concerned that by doing that, I may have damaged the Asobo G3X. Do you have any thoughts on how would I test that? Should I remove the “obsolete” WT G3X code and use only the PMS50 instrument autopilot for the Vertigo?

You can’t. The AP won’t work without the G3X from WT. The base VL-3 Asobo built is in real life not equipped with an AP.

You could edit one of the CFG files to enable AP and FD if you insist on only having the Asobo G3X. These posts were made available a few years back and can be found through a search.