[Early Access] GSX Pro for MSFS by FSDreamTeam

Here is a YouTube short with GSX Pro in use at FSimStudios’ Edmonton International Airport.

More preview videos to come, including live use of GSX Pro on Friday’s stream at 11AM ET / 3PM GMT, when we check out WFSS’ Shanghai - Beijing - Hong Kong airports.

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FSDreamTeam’s GSX Pro has just released for $29 USD

It was a ----- to download, but it works quite well and is highly customizable for PC! There is a lite version for Xbox in the Marketplace.

It is free to use at any FSDreamTeam airport that you own. You need to pay when you want to use it at any other airports.

Check out my demo of the Follow Me truck!

More videos to come!


Happy GSX Pro Day!!!

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have only ctd since i downloaded it


Is this on Xbox or PC only?

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It’s not in the Marketplace, so it’s PC-only for the moment. I’m not read into all of this, but I do believe that they are planning on doing an Xbox version.


PC only right now. There will be a lite version for Xbox coming to the Marketplace eventually.


Does anyone know how to get registered for GSX Pro forums? It’s been 3 days and it still says my account has not been approved. smh.

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Same here! I think they are very busy! I need to request Iran Air as a livery! Hope they do it. They have lots of airlines in there but unfortunately nothing from Iran. In addition I think they need to have the following options:

  • Add a Simbrief Import button so you don’t have to exit and restart Couatl everytime you start a new flight
  • Ask for the stairs to be removed rather than automatically remove them once the boarding is completed.

Of course I would love better coordination with Fenix but I am happy for now as long as they can add Iran Air’s livery there :wink:


Yeah, they’re definitely swamped with new forum accounts, dealing with issues and responding to people in their forums and outside their forums. Unfortunately, I don’t have any information about their support.

As seen as in Jetsimpilots video there seem to be some minor visual glitches when using this program. Like passengers walking through thin air when entering the plan and other stuff…

Agree automated stairs is an immersion killer.

A330 Headwind doesn’t work either. “set park brake to open GSX”

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