Early Bird Washington State Flight

Welcome all pilots experienced and non experienced pilots. My first time at doing this so be patient!.
We will be flying from the Port of Ilwaco on the Western Coast, through Seattle and on up north to Ault Field.
Main thing to remember is to have fun!!


Flight is about 2 hours long.

Time to be set in the sim: 7:00 pm local or 2:00 UPC. That way we end with a sunset.

Plane: DA62 or equivalent.

Server: North Europe

Communication: Discord in the FS Server. Probably in Flight Room or one of the terminals. Look for Dougiesy or Quizzleman

Live Weather unless it is too dark and rainy, then few clouds

Flight level: Up to you but low is good

Flight Plan:VFR Port Of Ilwaco (7W1) to Whidbey Island NAS Ault Field (KNUW).pln (3.3 KB)

I know it is early but some of you wanted something earlier as you are in England…
I hope you can make it!!!


See you later flyboy!

Thank you all for this flight!
Sorry, I had no microphone to speak.
Greetings from Germany,
Diogenes :wink: