Early morning walk in New Zealand


Early morning departure with cloudy weather from Queenstown Airport (NZQN) located in Frankton Otago, and heading to Milford Sound / Piopiotahi (a fjord located in the southwest of the South Island of New Zealand).

SoFly Weather Preset Pro
Zinertek Enhanced Airport Graphics v2
Milford Sound Airport NZMF v2.3 (flightsim.to)
New Zealand Wellington Aero Club C172 Skyhawk (flightsim.to)
Tree Height Modification VERSION 3.0 (flightsim.to)

Use of Skyvector to find a passage while staying at 5000’’ and avoiding the mountains,
There is also restricted area, NZR701 Homer Tunnel, from surface to 8000 feet AMSL

Very nice light with the sun through the clouds and as usual a pleasure for the eyes with this beautiful landscape of the Frankton Otago region in New Zealand.

See you soon


Very nice screens!

Thank you for your kindness

Evening landing into Edinburgh in 787-10

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Stunning screenshots

Are you using the Salty mod to fly this … great shot by the way

really appreciate it thanks :+1::blush: and na i aint got clue bout all mods and that so im going to say no lol, the only thing i added into the game ( been took out now while they work on their issues ) was birmingham airport, but any other mods i havent touch no…what is it by the way, the mod your talking about ?

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The view is original, nice screenshot :+1:

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Great shots. SU5 working well obviously - clouds look especially good

You are restoring my faith! Which SoFly cloud setting did you use here? Thanks.

no worries…Salty 747, an enhancement mod improving the default 747-8 Salty Simulations — sim4flight

oh right na its complete standard, it was a nice long approach so had it all set up and settled on a slow decent so was able to nip out and take that screenshot, obviously keep popping back in c-pit to make sure everything was a ok

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Scenery is so good

Hello SixBonsai,

I use for these screenshots. the preset ‘‘Dense clouds’’ and I make flights in early morning or late afternoon to have a contrast in the clouds and on the ground.

Since the SU5 the brightness is too important and the whites are burned in my opinion, which produces ugly clouds among others.

Here is what Weather Preset Pro ‘‘Dense Clouds’’ looks like at 10H, 12h and 17h today (NZNV Invercargill Airport Upgrade).

See you soon

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I think you are right - early morning flights are the way to go until they fix SU5. The dense cloud setting with an early morning start gives impressive results.
I was getting quite frustrated with the various SU5 issues - but I just did the above route set up in the way you suggested, and I have honestly never seen MSFS look better!
So thanks again!

You are welcome :+1:

Don’t hesitate to put some captures if you want


I continue to make small discovery flights in the vicinity of Queenstown at the beginning of the day and with a clear sky this time

See you soon

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