EasternHops Weekly "Official Cessna Sunday's"

We Invite all Pilots to join us every Sunday to fly a Cessna 172.182,
We Average a 20-30+ Planes Flying Random Hops List to Places all over the world. So spread the word, let everyone know to come and join the fun… hope to see you there!!!
Official Take-off time @ 11:00 am ET/1500z

I need Discord “https://easternhops.com/discord

Some live screenshots during our Cessna Sunday event

   EasternHops presents  Cessna Sundays 

This week June 13/21 11:am EDT/ we will be flying

“New Zealand Fun Run #2

Discord https://www.easternhops.com/discord

This is fun for all. :smiley:

I can’t figure out what server you’ll use?

We’re on the U.S. West server. Roll-out is 11A EDT sharp. Depart from the initial field from whatever runway you’d like, then when we get to the next field, one of the pilots will “call the ball” in Discord for the active runway.

Join and leave whenever you’d like; the weekly runs typically last about 3 hours or so.

Bring your C172 and come have a blast! :smiley:

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Thanks a lot.

Certainly. Hope to see ya today!

Hi Is there any special instructions to join the server online? I am using MSFS2020 and I am on discord would like to join to day is there any
airport/hops list available?

just come in and join our discord voice server https://discord.gg/KgSaq2NR and we can help you out with any questions

The hops list is up ^ there…if you come into our Discord we can help ya out.

Okay thanks

A big Thanks to all that joined us for this great New Zealand run stay tuned for more events from EasternHops