Easy livery install

Now installing new liveries is hard for me. aircraft cfg files and json files must be updated again and again.
There should be an easier way to do it. For instance, copying livery file to related sub-folder in the saved games file is enough for dcs world.


I download the Mega Pack livery which contains over 100 liveries and it’s a simple drag and drop the folder one time in Community folder, the end.

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I’ve made a shortcut to the community folder and put in in my documents. It makes the process a little bit easier if the folder is easier to get to

Because Someone made ready to fly folder for you. If you want to add a single livery to this pack you need to change cfg files. And I don’t think I need all those 100 plus liveries. I appreciate the effort btw. Because I also use it.

Liveries are probably the most common type of flight sim add-on, so they should be easier to install.

As you mentioned, some other sims have the individual livery configuration info distributed in each livery folder, rather than a central file for the aircraft that must be manually edited for each addition.

I want to pick and choose which liveries are installed and used in my sim.

Yup, I’m not even sure why skins are like that over here in MSFS. I’m used to Il-2 and it is a breeze to either make skins and store them. I do have some 10 years old skins in ROF that I never had to update or do anything with them. They still work to this day and they were always at the same place.

Over here…

You can download and install a livery manager which allows you to preview, select, download, and install just the liveries you want from the MegaPack. From here: https://www.projectmegapack.com/ (scroll down the page to ‘Liveries’).

Livery manager? Thanks but no thanks. They should create a system with a single DDS file (from the Photoshop original) or similar that can work with all versions. I mean, a single DDS file. That’s all.

From the looks of it, they took the FX legacy from 2004? I reckon they had no experience with simulators, but they could have asked around to see what other studios were doing.